Comfy Sets: Where to buy


Rory Summerville, Staff Writer

Ever since the start of quarantine, comfy sets have become even more popular than before. With tons of stores selling them, these sets are perfect for everyone and you can find them in all price ranges. You can wear a set to run errands, sleep, and even wear them just to hang with friends. There are so many styles, colors, and patterns that they come in so check out a few of my stores below!


If you’re looking for simple and inexpensive sets definitely check out ASOS because they have tons of options.

Find the light orange set here and the navy set here!

Aritzia- $$

For neutral sets check out Aritzia because they have so many unique styles. 

Find the dark grey set top and bottom here and the dark purple set top and bottom here!

Revolve- $$$

Check out Revolve for the hottest trends and sets that celebrities have even been spotted wearing. 

Find the camo hoodie and sweatpants here, the blue top and bottom here, and the gray cropped hoodie and sweatpants here!

Z Supply- $$

Z Supply is one of my favorites if you’re looking for tons of different patterns, colors, and styles and a good price point. 

Find the white star top and jogger here,  the black star top and jogger here, and  he pastel hoodie and shorts here!

Vintage Havana- $$

This is a great one because they have so many options that you can mix and match. 

Find the cheetah print set top and bottom here and the star hoodie and shorts here!


PJ Salvage- $$

PJ Salvage is probably my favorite brand because they have so many options and they are all super soft.


Find the camo top and shorts here and the grey daisy top and joggers here!

I highly recommend buying a lounge set because they are so cozy and totally on trend right now. Stay stylish, LFHS!