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Editorial Policy

The Forest Scout aims to inform, entertain and educate its readers; to provide a forum for the community to express attitudes and opinions; to provide an educational opportunity for both the students who produce The Forest Scout and those who read it.

Our Editorial Board is made up of a group of student editors, who retain the right to choose all content and to determine story priority. This board also oversees various production operations.

Columns and other opinion pieces reflect the views of the writer alone. They are not the official position of The Forest Scout.

Any person with an interest in the LFHS community is encouraged to write an op-ed or letter to the editor. All letters must be signed. They can be emailed to [email protected]. If excessive editing is needed, the letter will be returned to the author for corrections. The Forest Scout reserves the right to edit any letter for grammatical errors, libelous content or space limitations. Staff responses to letters to the editor are not allowed.

Reader comments that make personal attacks, use profanity, sell products or otherwise do not meet the standards of the editorial board may be edited or deleted entirely.

Ads on the website are available for $75 per semester or $140 for a full school year. Podcast Ad Reads¬†are also available for a $15 contribution for the semester.¬†Please contact [email protected] for more information.

The Forest Scout will strive to present information in a fair, impartial, accurate and truthful manner. Students rely on the Society of Professional Code of Ethics for help with ethical decisions. Please report errors or omissions to [email protected].

The Forest Scout used information from Journalism Educators of America, West Side Story and The Voyager to produce this policy.


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Editorial Policy