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Artist Profile: LFHS freshman Angel V

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Artist Profile: LFHS freshman Angel V

Sean Trkla

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“Hey Angel. Reminder to meet in the front hallway at 8:20 tomorrow morning for your freestyle,” read my direct message to the freshman rapper the day before we were set to film.

He responded immediately with an assuring but matter of fact “aight.”

Fast forward 18 hours or so and you had producer Quinn Dailey and myself standing in an empty front hallway. The time: 8:32 AM.

Naturally, we were getting antsy and, quite honestly, a little pissed off. “Do you think he’s gonna show?” Quinn groggily asked me. Before I could even answer, we saw a flock students walking down the hall. “What’s up, man!” screamed an excited, unrecognized voice still a couple of hundred of feet away.

It was Angel, rolling up with what appeared to be his ‘posse.’

“Sorry man. I’d show up on time but that’s just not me. I’m fashionably late,” said the still unofficially introduced freshman. My first in-person occurrence perfectly encapsulates Angel V’s persona; a supremely confident kid who doesn’t care what you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks about him.

Angel’s confidence is his forte and, as he would like it, is the first thing that you notice when listening to his music. When prompted as to where the uptempo artist found the uncanny self-assurance that is displayed prominently in his recently released song, “Thought I Fell In Love,” which is openly dedicated to a girl in his class whom he had a crush on, Angel laughed, explaining that it was nothing compared to his previous work. He put out an entire album this past year about his lovelife entitled Summer Infinity, with enticing tracks including “With You” and “Dream Lover.”

“Too many people fear rejection and failure, and I honestly don’t care,” the valiant underclassman explained. “I am what I am and people will like it or love it.” It’s pretty rare for any high school student, let alone a freshman, to feel this sanguine about how they compose themself, which makes it even more impressive that Vaca is only one year removed from his middle school heydey.

Speaking from experience, your first year of high school is the most uncomfortable. Everyone is either trying to mix in with a crowd of carbon copies or–even more lamentably–picking on the kids that are bold enough to leave the crowd and do their own thing.

Angel is, without a doubt, outside of the norm. In fact, he hates the norm. “Forget being normal. If being super confident is gonna make me stand out, I’m gonna stand out,” added the strong-willed, spirited artist. When you are a freshmen in high school, you think you know what’s cool. Keep your head down, wear what everyone else does, and don’t do anything the guy next to you wouldn’t. Well, freshmen in highschool, as they will soon find out, are often times wrong.

Merely fitting in isn’t cool; unmitigated confidence is cool.

This profile is more than just some free publicity for a local artist. This is a highlight on an extremely talented young man who dares to be different. And in a community where everybody is often trying their damndest to be the same, I think that deserves some recognition.

Talk about confidence in his music. Freshman will give him a hard time, but freshmen don’t know what’s cool.

Confidence is cool.

Check out more of Angel V’s music by following his SoundCloud. Also, more of his personality and inspiration is revealed in the extended interview below. Warning: this music’s lyrical content contains explicit language that is in no way supported by The Forest Scout newspaper.

Extended Interview:

How long have you been rapping?

“I’ve been interested in writing poems and rhymes my whole life, but I really started going in and taking rap seriously around the time I was 11 and now I’m taking action and actually achieving goals.”

What inspires you to make your songs? What inspires your lyrics?

“As of late, designer clothes and girls from over here inspire me. I make sure I mention those two things in a lot of songs. They’re fun to rap about, but it makes me look like I’m cool and a chill artist at the same time.”

In your song “Fly ‘63” you say, “Chillin’ up town where the culture is snobby, and I’m the only rapper–that’s why they want me.” Can you elaborate on that? Do you find it easy to rap about your environment?

“Well, one thing you should know is that Lake Forest isn’t really “my environment.” I came out of Zion which could probably be the exact opposite of Lake Forest. So, in being surrounded by Lake Forest’s vibe it has really opened up my eyes to this lavish lifestyle, so yes, it is easy because now I can claim this lifestyle and rap about it all I want. And when was the last time a rapper like me came through to Lake Forest? Probably never, so I’m here building a brand and putting myself on the map as best as I can.”

Are there any genres of music you listen to in your free time other than rap?

“Of course, I’ll listen to anything if it sounds good. I look up to singers and songwriters like Mike Posner and Blackbear. Even some artists that aren’t totally famous yet, like William Bolton catch my vibe. These are all people outside of the rap game that I look to for good music.”

Who is your favorite rapper?

“G-Eazy, hands down.”

What do you do outside of music? What interests you?

“For a freshman I hang out a lot on the weekends, I won’t speak on that too much. I take interest in these nice girls that like to invite me over sometimes. That’s about it. After that I’m back in the studio.”

Have you done any collaborations with other local artists?

“Nah, but pretty soon my closest friends and I will start making bangers hopefully, also I’m Angel V so a feature will cost you.”

Where do you record your music?

“In my very own home studio that has been in the making for years and is still getting upgraded on the daily.”

What was the first concert you ever went to? Favorite concert ever?

“Wow, I need to go to concerts. I’ve only been to my own shows so my shows are my favorite concerts ever.”

In your song “Thought I Fell In Love” you dedicate a song to a girl you like, a very confident move. Where do you find this confidence in a world where everyone is trying to be normal?

“Too many people fear rejection and failure, I honestly don’t care. I am what I am and people will like it or love it. Forget being normal, if being super confident is gonna make me stand out, I’m gonna stand out.”

What is the first album you bought?

“These Things Happen by G Eazy.”

Do you make your own beats? Do you have a producer?

“Most I make, some I buy, some I steal off of the internet.”

If you could sign to any label what would it be?

“Angel V Records” I stay independent.

What are your plans for your musical future after high school?

“My musical future is now. All I know is that I’m making big moves in little time and at a young age. I know I will already be making money from my music by the end of my four years of high school. The plan is to make things happen in only two. I will go to college after high school and I will branch out to the clothing industry and,who knows, if things go well, people will have me playing in their ear buds just the way they’re wearing designer by Angel V on their backs.”

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Sean Trkla, Author

Sean Trkla is a senior at Lake Forest High School who is on the varsity basketball team. He loves helping people feel comfortable in the LFHS community,...

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Artist Profile: LFHS freshman Angel V