Harry’s House is a resounding success


Harry Styles on his Love on Tour in Milwaukee 2021

Layla Ward, Staff writer

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated new album, Harry’s House, dropped last Friday. After three years of no new music, Harry introduced his new album with the release of his hit single As It Was

Similar to his past albums, Harry Styles and Fine Line, this album, Harry’s House, has a vintage sound to it, especially when performed live. Harry’s House, however, takes on a very different tone than his past albums. It is much more intimate and is less lighthearted. Although some songs have an upbeat tone, the songs’ lyrics are much more serious unlike some of the songs in his past albums. 

The theme to this album is much darker than his past two, especially Fine Line. The main themes present in the songs consist of drugs, sex, toxic relatiohsips and family troubles. Although these are common themes in his past albums, their lyrics are usually hidden behind loud and peppy music. 

The album starts off with the upbeat song, Music in a Sushi Restaurant, which is perhaps the most lighthearted and upbeat song in the album. The next couple songs are also very upbeat, this includes Late Night Talking, an 80s sounding pop song, and As It Was, which has been high on the charts in many countries. From there the album slowly transitions into some slower songs with deeper meanings. 

His songs including Matilda, Daylight, Boyfriends and Little Freak all have a heavier theme to them. Although it might be different from Style’s previous songs, it was a much needed change in order to really set himself apart from his One Direction days and make him a more serious artist. Although this is his third album, it is the first one that has really set the record straight that Styles is a serious musician and has a style other than that of One Direction.

Recently, Styles has been taken more seriously by both fans, and others in the music industry. This started with his Love on Tour because of his talent performing and will continue on with this new album. Many have been comparing Styles to other musicians including Elton John and Mick Jagger because of his daring outfits and feminine side. This is more than the other members of One Direction can say, for the most part they are still thought of as no more than just boy-band-level artists. 

It seems as if Styles is finally being recognized beyond his fandom with other people, too. His fans, including myself, will love anything that he releases, but this new album is getting praise from people beyond his usual fan base. This is primarily because his new album is unlike a lot of other songs on the radio:it’s sound is fresh and a much needed change from many of the songs that are being released now. 

Although for the most part his new album is a success and very good, the one thing that would have made it that much better is if there was a song similar to Kiwi or Only Angel. His new album is more pop and a little slower, and it would have been nice if there was a little switch part way through the album similar to his first album. 

With that being said, his new album is very good and has a unique sound that is different from Styles past albums while still sounding like his work. The album is refreshingly fun and has a different sound that will hopefully make the album just as popular as his single As It Was.