Fashion Tips: Layering Necklaces


Ava Caputo

Layering your necklaces isn’t as easy as it seems sometimes. Before you throw on a couple of random necklaces in a desperate attempt to achieve the layered look, check out these tips to style the perfect combinations. Don’t be afraid to pile them on. In this trend the “less is more” concept doesn’t exist.

Step 1: The first necklace you put on should be the shortest. There are a variety options to choose from; you can throw on a dainty gold chain choker, a small pendant, or a pearl necklace.

Fashion Tip: Layering Necklaces

Step 2: Next, it’s time to add some details by layering. Each necklace you add should be at least 1 to 2 inches longer than the one before it. Don’t think you have to stop at three necklaces, however. Add them until it fits the needs of the top you’re wearing. Add different shapes and sizes to make your layering look effortlessly stylish, such as a horizontal line necklace or a lariat necklace.

Fashion Tip: Layering Necklaces 1 Fashion Tip: Layering Necklaces 2

Step 3: This last step is optional but does add more character to your outfit if necessary. Make your longest necklace the heaviest. Throw on a large pendant to create a longer visual. If you are wearing a very neutral outfit, add a pop of color by putting on a colorful pendant.

Fashion Tip: Layering Necklaces 3

Hopefully these tips help you the next time you want to add some detail to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to change it up. You can also personalize your necklaces by adding your zodiac sign, initials, or even your name. This trend is totally flexible and most likely anything you put together will look adorable if done so in the proper fashion.