5 Trends to Keep You on Your Game for E-Learning


MK Peters, In-Style Editor

Although daily outfit choices are hardly the most pressing issue facing LFHS right now, it’s hard to navigate what’s appropriate for online classes this year. With remote learning, many are conflicted between falling into the trap of just rolling out of bed and hopping on Google Meet in your PJ’s or putting on a cute outfit, only to be sitting at your home desk alone in jeans and honestly, a little uncomfortable. So what’s the perfect medium? Thankfully, athleisure has taken over modern street style and these options can be perfect for a day at home while still looking ready-to-go for class. Here are 5 styles that could become your new go-to:


1. Yoga Pants

Remember the flare legged yoga pants everyone lived in 7 years ago? They’re back and just in time. The high waisted legging is crazy comfortable and perfect for sitting at a desk for longer classes, and the flare at the ankle makes them super flattering. Since the style is so simple, they go with pretty much anything- hoodies, tees, tanks, you name it. Lulelemon, Pretty Little Thing, and even Amazon carry them in a wide variety of colors and materials. 









2. Cropped Hoodies

Cropped hoodies are another perfect style to come into light for online school. They’re loose, cozy, and can be styled to any degree, whether you want to keep it simple or make a statement. Brandy Melville offers a wide variety of options, ranging from graphic hoodies to a simple colorful zip up. This is a great option that takes virtually no time to put on and can still look planned, since hoodies can often look like PJ’s on camera.









3. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are something that you could wear to bed, and probably have, and yet they still look thoughtful. The design you choose can be a perfect form of self-expression or can just look cool. Plus, they require virtually no styling or planning, and clothes can’t really get comfier. Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and PacSun have you covered. 










4. Sweat Sets

What’s easier to put together than a matching outfit? A recent arrival to the athleisure wave is matching sets, and it’s perfect for a zero-effort look that seems put together. The jogger-hoodie combo gives the comfort of your pajamas, while the bold matching colors and patterns step it up to an outfit that’s ready for a day of school. PacSun, Aerie, and Bandier all offer options to fit any style.












5. Distressed Athleisure

If ripped jeans are your go-to, this trend was made for you. Think of your favorite loungewear with some planned rips to give it more of an edgy look. It gives comfy outfits a more planned appearance without much effort, and is offered for pretty much any type of clothing you can think of- sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, and even t-shirts. Try checking out Express, Alo, and ShopStyle are all great places to start looking for them.