Drop of the Week: “Imagine That” by Kevin Gates


Patrick Philpott

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A heartfelt Drop of the Week, Kevin Gates has left fans sharing the same lonely feeling as the artist endured when producing his new track. Featured on the sequel album to By Any Means, “Imagine That” was dropped on September 25 and, to many’s surprise, came without any features. It is very clear that the emotional track means something to Gates, so it makes sense for the artist to do a solo track for something as heartfelt as this.

Drop of the Week: "Imagine That" by Kevin GatesWith fourteen tracks on the album of his new project, the Louisiana native produced everything needed since the beginning of his prison sentence. Gates pleaded guilty to being in possession of a firearm in connection with a 2013 arrest, according to court records. But after release of a chilling track like this, to much delight, fans can say they are past satisfied with the artist.

A home run for the hearts of fans, the voices of Drek a(wife), Islah (daughter) and Khaza Gates (daughter) accompanied the home movies that made up the official music video for the track. The voice cameo at the beginning of the official music video sets the mood for the emotional roller coaster of home movies featuring Gates’ daughters and Dreka Gates, his wife, whom he married in 2015. The home movies are made up of shots of his daughters and wife lip syncing the lyrics of the song, as well as friends donning the “Free Kevin Gates” shirts made after his sentencing.  His wife was the dominant factor for the release of By Any Means 2. Back in July, in fact, his wife said she would be the one putting together the artist’s next project while he is serving his prison time.

The official music video reflects the theme of the track almost perfectly, including the open letters he wrote to fans. In the letter, he writes, “Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. by this I am speaking in reference to hardship.”

This video also conveys how, while in prison, Gates isn’t able to be a father figure for his two daughters. A parent or adult figure being incarcerated can be confusing and hard to understand for a child. You can be certain that the artist really put his heart and soul in this track, making it The Forest Scout “Drop of the Week.”