J.I.D’s New Release


Stephen Young

Warning: This song contains explicit language and content that may not be suitable for students of high school age. The song was chosen for its expressionism and implementation of new, experimental styles, not necessarily the message expressed by the artist. Be sure to follow @theforestscout on Spotify for curated playlists by all of the authors.

At 12:00 am on Tuesday, the up and coming hip-hop artist, J.I.D, released his latest single, “Off Deez” featuring J. Cole. The song had been teased for weeks, and was previewed on an Instagram livestream late Thursday night. After J.I.D played the short snippet of “Off Deez,” he proceeded to claim, “This is the greatest song in the world,” and told his fans they would have to wait to hear the rest. This only raised the expectations of the many fans awaiting the release of the song, and it did not fail to deliver.

J.I.D opens the track with a fast, catchy chorus that causes listeners to bob their head to the beat. He then proceeds to maintain his unique flow as he raps his first verse. Then, he switches his flow for his second verse from an upbeat tempo, to a more choppy flow. J.I.D then returns to the chorus, which leads into J. Cole’s feature. J. Cole begins his verse with a style that mirrors J.I.D’s then proceeds to switch his flow which creates a fast paced, compact, and long verse. Both J.I.D and Cole deliver with catchy, powerful, and meaningful verses.

The track serves as a promotional single for his upcoming album, DiCaprio 2, which releases Nov. 26. “Off Deez” has a much different style than any song J.I.D has made. It is much more intense, fast paced, and catchier. The new artist is constantly changing his style and flow, and it definitely shows in his latest single. J.I.D has set the expectations quite high for his upcoming album, and hip-hop fans hope the rest of the album is just as good as “Off Deez.”