Alumni in Motion: Simone Stamelos (’12)


Mia Johnson

This week’s Alumni in Motion column features Ms. Simone Stamelos. Simone has a twin brother, George, and a sister, Cynthia, who also studied at LFHS. Before Simone graduated from LFHS in 2012, she participated in a variety of activities. She was involved with the school as a member of the LFHS dance team, Student Council, Environmental Club, and was an avid member in the Glee club. English with Mrs. Van Skyock was her favorite class of LFHS due to Van Skyock’s personable and fun nature. She was, and to this day is, a person she looks up to. Simone then headed to Forth Worth, Texas to be a Horned Frog at Texas Christian University. There, she majored in Communication studies and minored in Business. She not only was a Zeta at TCU, she was involved in leadership activities, such as becoming orientation facilitator, was on TCU’s dance team for two years, and joined the first ever co-ed acapella group. She graduated from TCU in 2016.

Alumni in Motion: Simone Stamelos ('12)Stamelos’ first job out of college was working as an inside sales representative at UPS in San Antonio. She has interned in advertising jobs, promotions for radio stations, has been a dance coach, and has worked in retail. After Simone moved back to Chicago, she decided to try out to be a member of the Chicago Bulls’ fabled dance team, the Luvabulls. Simone is currently working as an Account Executive for UPS and is now a Luvabull for the 2017 Chicago Bulls basketball team after participating in a three-week audition.

I got in touch with the current Luvabull and Account Executive and had her answer some questions about advice to people who want to follow their passion.

How long have you been dancing?

“Since I was 3! I took a few breaks here and there though because it’s a very draining sport.”

What’s the best part about being a Luvabull?

“My favorite part about being a Luvabull is the girls on the team–they inspire me to be better on a daily basis. Also, dancing for the Bulls, of course! I sometimes can’t believe I’m a professional dancer, and get to dance for thousands of fans all the time. It feels surreal, and is such a rush.”

Did you know you wanted to pursue a job in dance when you were in high school?

No way. I never even thought about it when I was younger. I thought it was more of a hobby and I didn’t know how far I could go with it. I was never the best ballerina in the room or the front-and-center girl. I just found my niche within my craft, and believed in myself.”

What’s a fun fact about you? (other than you are an NBA dancer!)

“Probably that I love to travel and have gone to Greece, Paris, London, Ireland, and Thailand just to name a few.”

Any advice to give to someone that is interested in pursuing a job in dance?

“Yes, keep dancing and never stop. When you you graduate from high school the initial response people take is to stop and focus on social life/education. I totally get it–but it’s possible to do both! If it’s truly what you love, you’ll find a way to keep it in your life. Whether it be just fun classes you take on the side or joining a team.”

Simone Stamelos is the perfect example of someone following their passion. She loved dancing and never gave up on incorporating her passion in her daily life. By believing in herself that she could do it if she put her heart into it, she has become a professional NBA dancer. To all fellow dancers out there or any athlete at LFHS, never give up, and continue your passion. If it is something you love and want to continue in your future, keep up with it.