Drop of the Week: G-Eazy’s “Summer in December”


Patrick Philpott

Warning: This song contains explicit language and content that may not be suitable for students of high school age. The song was chosen for its expressionism and implementation of new, experimental styles, not necessarily the message expressed by the artist. Be sure to follow @theforestscout on Spotify for curated playlists by all of the authors.

With the release of his double-disc album, The Beautiful and Damned, towering over the horizon, G-Eazy is preparing to drop his newest project. Still, his most recent release brings a classic twist to modern hip-hop. The San Franciscan rapper has been teasing the music industry for a good chunk of this year, kicking off the start of the year with his banger, “No Limit,” featuring Cardi B and A$AP Rocky. Throughout the course of the year, however, G-Eazy has been releasing single tracks for the big reveal of his new project, which should be available to the public in the next couple weeks. “Summer in December” is a spin-off buzz of G-Eazy’s third studio album, which is also set to feature the track “Him & I” featuring Halsey, who Gerald Earl Gillum, the given name of G-Eazy, has been rumored to have romantic relations with in the past.

With the release of this new track, G-Eazy seems to have completely shifted gears as to where the album was thought to be going. Since the release of the first track, the album seemed to be steered towards a banger-heavy compilation, but this new track shows a slower, softer side to G’s new album. Set over some timely scratches and moody piano keys, the contemplative Gillum spits his classic lyrics of Los Angeles, the land of opportunity and temptation. The jazz feel that listeners are filled with also allows the Bay Area rapper to explain the delay in the new album due to its original release date passing months ago.

“Please pardon my tardiness, I’m tryin’ to put my heart in this,” he raps. “Give this sh** my everything, every time I start with this / Hungry for the world, I swear I starve for this / Artists come and go these days it’s easy, they’re not hard to miss / Here today, gone tomorrow, they fade into a dark abyss / Hollywood sold you a dream, like how the [expletive] you fall for this?”

Starting this week, the worldwide rap star is set to hold fan appreciation parties due to the album’s late release date. The new date is set for December 15, but fans who are attending the appreciation parties are rumored to get an early feature of The Beautiful and Damned. The short run of private shows started on November 25 in Albuquerque and continues through December 4 in Minnesota.