LFHS Students Create Instagram At-Home Workout Accounts


Clare Lawler, Managing Editor

Many may find that they struggle to find the motivation to work out from home. For LFHS seniors Carrie Saginur and Kate Wildman, that is not an issue.

Saginur created a Zumba fitness Instagram shortly after quarantine started. She says her motivation to create the account came from boredom. 

“I was really bored and dancing around my room one day,” Saginur said. “And then I thought it would be funny to livestream this since I know a lot of fitness instructors have been doing Instagram lives during quarantine.”

Wildman’s account is slightly different than Saginur’s—she practices yoga instead of Zumba. 

Wildman practicing yoga with her companion, her cat

It was her close friend Saginur who inspired Wildman to create her account.

“I was inspired by Carrie because our friends wanted someone to make an account for yoga too. I did yoga a ton before quarantine and so I try to do similar flows and routines as Forever Om because that’s where I do yoga,” said Wildman.

Saginur and Wildman have differing views about why they love their accounts.

Saginur enjoys her Zumba account because it makes herself and other people happy, she said.

Wildman agrees and says that it makes her feel connected to her friends by practicing yoga at the same time as them. In addition, she likes her account because she gets to design the classes herself.

“Since I’m creating the ‘class’ I can choose what music to play, and because I love music, I find that it is really fun. I make a new playlist for each class and then base the moves off of the songs (so, for example, I always use more high energy songs for the core section, etc),” said Wildman.

For the time being, the audience to their fitness accounts are mostly their friends, said Saginur and Wildman.

Wildman, however, is drawing in friends from all over the United States.

“Some of my friends from around the country will do them too so it’s really cool to think about people from around the US all practicing yoga together,” said Wildman.

Although they have few viewers, they did not create the accounts to become famous. They just want a way to enjoy themselves and stay fit.

“I enjoy [my workouts] because it’s literally just dancing,” said Saginur.

For those who have never tried Zumba, maybe it is the perfect way to stay active while simultaneously having fun.

“I’ve definitely been enjoying the workouts and I find I feel like I’ve sort of wasted my day if I don’t do at least one thing that’s active. The account kind of holds me responsible for working out and it’s been really enjoyable to do knowing that a lot of my friends are doing the same thing along with me,” said Wildman.

So, if you are struggling with finding the motivation to stay active, you should check out Wildman or Saginur’s accounts…or create one of your own.