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Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Five more Scouts worth celebrating.
Taylor Ross

Lyla Drowne

Photo Courtesy of Sara Drowne

Freshman Lyla Drowne can do it all. She is a determined, motivated, and competitive gymnast for the LFHS gymnastics team as well as for her club team. Not only has she set new records for the high school, but she is a level 9, 2024 floor state champion for her club team!

“Her work ethic is absolutely unmatched,” said Varsity Gymnastics team member Franca Stohlgren. “After only being on the team for a single year, she has achieved being on LFHS all time record board for vault, bars and all around, as well as making it to state!”

Being an incredibly skilled gymnast is not the only thing she’s good at, she is also an excellent student in and out of the classroom. She is in several honors classes as a freshman which requires lots of discipline and dedication to all of her work.

Mrs. Konz, Lyla’s English 2H teacher, says she is a kind young woman with a “quiet dedication.” She also says she is excited to see what the next 3 years of high school has in store for Lyla. 

Lyla also never fails to surprise her teachers with her overwhelming commitment to being an outstanding student and classmate. 

“One of the things that has impressed me most about Lyla is her perseverance,” says Lyla’s math teacher Mr. Runft. “She is focused and highly motivated and is always friendly with her peers.”

In addition, Lyla is an amazing friend that can always be relied on for support. She always has her friends’ backs and never fails to bring happiness into everyone’s lives. 

Freshman Carina Lagunas knows this to be true more than anyone else!

“I can count on Lyla no matter what,” says Lagunas. “She’s always caring for people and putting a smile on everyone’s faces.”

Maddy Cummins

Sophomore Maddy Cummins has already made her mark on LFHS, and she is just getting started. 

Photo Courtesy of Maddy Cummins’ Instagram

Maddy is currently playing her second season for the Varsity Soccer Team. Even as a freshman, Cummins contributed greatly to the success of the soccer team, allowing them to make a deep playoff run. 

“Maddy is such a positive teammate and made last season so fun,” said junior Ryan Rice. “I always look forward to playing with her.”

Cummins is a key player in this year’s roster. During games, you can find her dominating the midfield. Her teammates especially value her for her positive attitude and consistent encouragement. 

“Maddy is always pushing people to be better and continues to work hard and be a leader out on the field,” said junior Chloe Hvosik. 

Cummins’ athletic abilities are not limited to soccer. In the winter, Maddy is a member of the Varsity Basketball team. 

During basketball season, Cummins is known for her determined mindset and ability to play through any condition. 

“Maddy makes the most out of everything we do in practice and every play in our games, “ said junior Lulu Keil. “She cares so much about all of her friends and teammates. 

Cummins is inarguably an amazing athlete, but she is an even better person. Her friends value her for her humor and constant kindness. 

“Maddy is the nicest, funniest, and most caring person I know,” said sophomore and long time friend Kallan Bodine. “She always has a smile on her face and causes others to have one too.”

Kat Yakes

Photo Courtesy of Kat Yakes’ instagram

If you think you are an involved Scout, you haven’t met junior Kat Yakes. Yakes not only provides a welcoming presence to LFHS, she goes above and beyond in everything she does.

Over the years, Yakes has involved herself in eight clubs. Yakes spends majority of her time working in Student to Student, Student Council, and Scout Nation. 

This year, Yakes has taken a bigger role in Student to Student and has helped many new students feel included in their new transition.

“I count on he all the time for tours for families. She’s extremely on top of things, welcoming and one of my go to helpers. She’s all around awesome,” said Student to Student leader Mrs. Megan Miles. 

In Student to Student, Yakes works to provide incoming students with a familiar face by giving them tours and welcoming them to the LFHS community. 

However Miles is not the only one to say wonderful things about Yakes. Field Hockey teammate Charlotte Arvia describes her presence as “positive” and “encouraging.” No matter what the circumstances is, Yakes goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcome. 

However, it doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Yakes has taken over her annual Christmas drive, The Christmas Basket Holiday Drive. This drive is a non-profit that creates opportunities for those in a more struggling community to still feel the holiday magic. 

“Kat’s dedication, efforts, positive spirit, maturity, and leadership skills make the process 100% smoother and I’m so glad to have like minded to work on a complex project with” said junior Grace Donovan.

This drive provides 15 families and many more teenagers with gifts from their wishlists, and then they later have a dinner with the “adoptees” and families. 

Over the past three years, Yakes has received the Gold Presidential Award for her community service work. This means Yakes has recorded over 250 hours each year to help the community. 

“Kat comes from a family that is so selfless whenever she talks about her work she lights up. She doesn’t think of it as service but as the right thing to do,” said Mrs. Ashley Malec. 

But above all of Yakes immense involvement in the community, she is an amazing friend. 

“Kat’s positivity is infectious. She truly puts everyone before herself and can be someone anyone can count on even if they aren’t close friends,” said senior Annie Davis. 

Stella Fox

Senior Stella Fox has been a key member of the LFHS Volleyball and Track & Field teams. She is a dedicated worker who is always willing to help without being asked.

Ava Fox

Her twin sister Ava Fox said, “Stella is on the shyer side however when you get to know her she is incredibly caring and so so funny. I’m so grateful to have a twin like her, she is always there to give me that extra push that I need to accomplish something and I can always count on her to be the calm one in any situation.”

Erin O’Connor said, “Stella is one of the nicest people I know! She is not only smart, but so kind! She never fails to make me laugh.”

You can see her during meets when she isn’t busy with her many events cheering on teammates! Team member Gigi Scholz said, “Stella is one of the most dedicated hard working people I know. We both ran hurdles in track and field and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have become close to her. I’m so glad I was able to become close with her and she has helped me through so much, especially right before meets.”

High jump coach, Mrs. Clegg said, “I was excited to start coaching track again this year and one major bonus that came with that is getting to know and work with Stella Fox.  Not only is she an incredible athlete, she’s also an incredible person!  It is rare to find such a dedicated and coachable athlete but what I love even more about Stella is her fun-loving, positive attitude.  She is the perfect balance of hard work, determination, and talent while also being a phenomenal teammate.”

Stella is an admirable athlete who works hard to improve in a demanding sport. She comes to the track even when there is no practice and does back-to-back events, and she always gives it her all. She never complains or becomes frustrated because she is involved in so many events or wants to participate in a lot of them, but instead smiles and is excited to do it all.

Classmate and teammate Isabel Vavrinek said, “Stella is one of the most dedicated people I know with school and sports she still finds time to hang out with friends and go to work, she shows her dedication for everything she does and never takes no for an answer.”

Spending time with Stella is always the greatest; she strives to be the best version of herself, which is shown in her dedication to row DI at the University of Michigan. Ava Fox also said, “She’s very smart and so deserving of all her academic achievements. I’m so proud of her and how far she has come, I’m excited to spend the next 4 years with her at UMich!” 

Bolurin Taiwo

Senior Bolurin Taiwo is not only an outstanding student but also a great teammate and friend.


If you ever encounter Bolurin, you will notice right away how truly kind and outgoing he is. Something that is recognized by many. “BT is a very charismatic person. He always brings good vibes everywhere he goes,” one of Bolurin’s closest friends Alan Mackic says. He is the type of person that people look for in the halls when they need someone to brighten their day. “He’s always consistent with saying hi in the hallways and I think that’s something many people can appreciate,” senior and friend Tyler Klein also mentions.

Photo Courtesy of Bolurin Taiwo’s Instagram

Besides being a very kind person, Taiwo is also recognized for being a very reliable person. Something that another friend, Lauren McFarland knows to be true. “You can tell he is such a genuine person. If you ever need someone to talk to, he’s the guy. He is always truthful and will be real with you.” 

Not only is BT a friendly guy, but he is also very intelligent. “Besides being outgoing and kind, he is one of the smartest people I know,” senior Sophia Zar adds. Bolurin is not only a part of NHS but has also gotten a Student of the Quarter Award after being nominated by one of his teachers Mr. Simmons. This proves how much his intelligence and personality has paid off since he will  be attending the University Of Pennsylvania in the fall. Besides the fact that this school is extremely hard to get into, this is the only school Taiwo applied to; he is very modest about this extraordinary goal as a whole. “Oh yeah, he’s a very smart guy. But he never brags about his intelligence. He is a very humble person,” Senior Common’s staff member Mrs. Hector states. Bolurin is just overall very naturally good at everything, and that’s something that many people can agree with- teammates and friends alike. 

This is also shown when it comes to playing sports. Bolurin has played basketball for all four years of high school and run track for two. Bolurin not only has great talent when it comes to playing the sport itself but also having the right mindset and spreading leadership to his teammates. “He’s an amazing leader. For example in basketball he always puts his teammates before himself and makes sure everyone is involved on the court. If someone needs help he always offers a hand. If someone is down on himself or not performing well ,he is always there to cheer them up and encourage them,” Mackic says.  “He is very disciplined at whatever he puts his mind to and gives it his all.” Another teammate and close friend Torian James adds, “One thing I really love about Bolurin is his goofiness during track.” Senior Tyler Klein says, “He’s just such a good guy to be around, he’s really good at making people laugh.” Torian James also mentions. 

Bolurin has such a strong companionship and influence on the LFHS community as a whole that is very hard to miss. He’s a great guy who is on to even more amazing things! 



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