In Honor of Video Games


Erika Marchant

September 12th is National Video Game Day.

A true effort would have to be made in the digitalized world of today to stay away from video games. Being one of the largest entertainment industries in America, video games’ implications extend far beyond the stereotypical American teenager– glued to a couch while clicking methodically at a Playstation controller in a dimly-lit basement. Culturally, technologically, and cinematically ingrained into our society, video games have made a lasting impact on the world as we know it (not to mention, all those unfortunate figures included in the explosion of the baby-name “Mario” after the release of Nintendo’s Mario Brothers in 1984) ever since they were first introduced back in 1940 at the World Fair in New York.

Regardless of where your gaming abilities rank, whether they be at the master or novice level, anyone can enjoy a round of the classic Pac-Man or the beloved Super Mario Bros. once they get their hands on the ever-so familiar joystick controller. Though I myself remain lacking in abilities and oblivious to the tactics required to beat games like Call of Duty, Portal, or FIFA, I am able to crank out a pretty mean round of Wii Tennis (needless to say, my gaming abilities are pretty much limited to games like Crossy Roads or Angry Birds).

Whether or not you would pride yourself in being considered a true “gamer”, I think we’re all able to agree that the last thing we’d ever want to hear from any prepubescent middle-schooler is this single infamous phrase: the dreaded “do you have games on your phone?”