Colors of Fall: Ballet Slipper, Grenadine, Tawny, and Shaded Spruce


Lily Connery

Colors of Fall

Ballet Slipper is a great color for fall as it’s more muted than some of the other colors of autumn. This light pink still has a hint of summer with its light and airy color, especially when its enhanced through fabrics like silk and chiffon. For the warmer days it can be paired with light denim or worn alone in patterns, and as it gets colder can be more “fall-ish” when paired with navies and black.

Colors of Fall 1

Grenadine and Tawny are the perfect colors for the chilly month of October with its rich hues that seem to radiate warmth, be it in a shade of Grenadine or Tawny. Both colors can be used as a small addition or as the color scheme for an entire outfit, and is sure to make a statement. Pair either with more red or beside greens and blues (like denim) for a more subtle look.

Colors of Fall 2

Shaded Spruce is a fresh alternative this fall as brighter greens have mostly been reserved for the spring. Trends that are popular this season, like berets and bombers, have made this green especially common, as well as on the classics like plaid shirts and camo. This deeper color of green has taken the place over olive shades for October and offers a radiance that can only be seen through Shaded Spruce itself. This green pairs well with any color, whether it be toned down with more muted colors or paired with a bright blue for an added burst of color.