Fall-ternatives to Jeans


Lily Connery

Everyone’s go-to in fall is denim; and while jeans are great and all, sometimes it’s good to switch it up. These are all classics, on trend, and perfect for the transition between hot and cold weather. You can still pair any of these options with a t-shirt or sweater, yet the different patterns and textures of these bottoms add more personality to any outfit.

Patterned skirts

In my opinion, skirts are one of the easiest ways to achieve a put-together, sophisticated look without putting in too much effort. This season patterns like houndstooth and plaid make a bold statement yet can easily be matched with bold or neutral colored tops. Skirts in different patterns can easily pair with sneakers and t-shirts or boots and blouses. Darker patterns with blacks or navies are perfect for the colder weather as skirts can sometimes look too summery.

Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 1

ASOS Tartan Check Mini Skirt (left), $32.00, Motel, Topaz Mini Skirt $54 (right)

Denim skirts

Denim skirts have been super hot these last few months and while the trend still goes strong, different varieties of jean skirts are becoming more common than the original plain denim. Whether it be patches or different cuts, a small detail can make a big statement. Denim skirts are so versatile with brands offering more than the average denim wash with other designs and color options for those dedicated followers of the denim skirt trend.

Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 3 Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 2

Nastygal, Shadow Caster Denim Skirt $40.00 (left), Princess Polly, Flame Denim Mini Skirt $56.89 (right)


Joggers are perfect for fall as they offer warmth and comfort without feeling too underdressed. Whether they be dressed up or down, they should definitely become a staple in your closet this season. These “fancy sweatpants” can be worn out or for staying in. Different colors or cut outs may dress up an otherwise low key outfit.  

Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 4 Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 5

Free People, Can’t Commit Jogger $68.00 (left), I.Am.GIA, Cobra Track Pant Orange, $78.00 (right)

Wide leg pants

Flared pants are making a comeback in a big way this fall. To switch up from the go-to denim, try a colored corduroy with a t-shirt instead.Tailored pants in different fabrics are an easy alternative to jeans as they offer the same “pant” look but a change of color as well as style can easily change a whole look just by wearing pants with more flare.

Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 6 Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 7

Missguided, Ponte Ruffle Flare Trouser $24.00 (left), BDG, Kick Flare High-Rise Cropped Corduroy Pant $59.00 (right)

Overall Dresses

Overall dresses are a great, different alternative to jeans as it can be paired with a basic shirt or sweater while still giving denim lovers the look they want. For the warmer days of fall, overall dresses can be paired with a short sleeve tee and as it gets colder can be layered over a thick sweater. This season overalls seem to be making a comeback, and overall dresses transfer so easily from summer to fall.

Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 8 Fall Bottom Alternatives to Jeans 9

Free People, Torn Up Jumper $78.00 (left), Topshop, MOTO Bib Pocket Pinafore Dress $68.00 (right)