Advice for the Future of LFHS Athletics

Sophia DiVagno, Staff Writer

High school sports have countless benefits such as fitness, leadership skills, teamwork and social relationships. They’re also a great way to get involved within your school. With the slightest bit of athleticism, you can thrive at anything with some added work. I encourage you to continue your sport and/or try something new, regardless if you’re playing it for personal enjoyment or in hopes of playing in college. 

Ben Rosa

Not playing your main sport year around? Then don’t be afraid to try another sport! It’s a great way to meet new friends, try something new, stay in shape meantime and so much more. Our programs always welcome newbies and coaches love players who show commitment and have the determination to improve. 

Set up a carpool. Whether it’s you or your parents driving, it’s always more fun spending time with your teammates in the car. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also makes for good team bonding. 

Don’t be afraid to try out for Varsity. If you play a club sport then give the Varsity tryouts a shot. You never know until you try. It could end up being part of your favorite part of the year. It’s also always fun getting to know and looking up to the upperclassmen. Even if you aren’t put on the roster, the coaches will remember you for next year and you could still have a blast on freshmen or JV!

Joey Goodsir

Don’t be afraid of upperclassmen. Yeah, they may be bigger and taller than you and seem really cool, but inside they’re usually very sweet. If you feel comfortable, don’t be nervous to ask them for a ride to practice or even a ride home occasionally. They were freshmen once too. Just remember that they are older than you though. 

Don’t underestimate the use of a planner. It’s always nice to have both your school and sports schedules in one place. Did you just find out you have an AP test Friday and you’re not sure what time your game is on Thursday? Just open your planner. It’s a great way to keep yourself organized, even if you think your brain has crazy memorization powers. It also allows you to be aware of any conflicts you may have later on. 

Maintain a good attitude. They’re contagious. Be the player that makes their teammate smile and laugh. Cheer them on and give them confidence. The best team environment is when everyone is energetic and working hard towards the same goal!

Joey Goodsir

Show. Up. To. Team. Events. I cannot emphasize this more. By participating in a school sport, you are committing yourself to the team. It is highly encouraged to show up the few events that the team moms, captains or coaches work so hard on planning. The closer bond you have with your team can make practices even more enjoyable and ultimately create a better team. 

Make good memories. Appreciate every moment you get both in and out of the game or meet. Whether it’s trying to break school records, working hard for awards or just having inside jokes with your friends on the team. These are the things that will hopefully make you smile in 20 years.