Scouts power past Bears for third straight win


Carter Horan

The Scouts (10-3) returned to conference play as they faced off against the Bears of Lake Zurich (4-12) last night. Almost halfway through their season, the boys have shown that they are a top-tier team in the NSC. In last night’s game, they sought their third win in a row.

In a tough battle in the first game, the Scouts lost their first game in over a week 23-25. Still, they managed to pull back in the next two games to winning 25-22, and 25-21 respectively. The Scouts most definitely didn’t play their best game with 45 unforced errors, but they overcame this challenge from a strong performance by senior hitter Joe Chamberlain.

Come watch the Scouts’ rematch the Libertyville Wildcats on April 28 on the road at Libertyville.