Human Rights Club welcomes the Karam Foundation’s Lina Sergie Attar


Katie Pierce

All of the confusing and controversial events in the news today often make people nervous and anxious about the future of the world.  Most people respond to tragic events by shielding themselves, hiding away from the horrors and avoiding the problems.  But some have the courage and the conviction to speak out.  The LFHS Human Rights Club was created to develop an understanding of human rights in students, teachers, and the community during the 21st century.  This organization discusses solutions and actions towards progress on these problems in our world, problems like war, hunger, economic instability and even health care.  Every year on December 10th, the club and the rest of the country recognizes International Human Rights Day, a day commemorating the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights back in 1948.  The declaration was adopted by the United Nations on that day in 1948, and it declares equality in all peoples regardless of race, gender, economic status or religion.

Every year, the Human Rights Club commemorates International Human Rights Day by inviting a speaker to give a presentation in the David Miller Theater on December 10th.  This year, the club is inviting Lina Sergie Attar, the CEO and co-founder of the Karam Foundation.  This foundation is a non-for-profit organization focused on improving the lives of people in Syria suffering the effects of the Syrian civil war.  In her speech, Ms. Sergie Attar will discuss the refugee crisis in her home country, and the effort being put forth to help Syrians and their children.

The Karam Foundation focuses on three different aspects of this crisis: a stable education system for children living in Syria, a sustainable and beneficial way to provide humanitarian aid to those living in the war zone, and a way for Syrians to develop and execute sustainable business practices.  The foundation has also developed a ‘community initiative workspace’ for Syrian children in Reyhanli, Turkey called The Karam House.  Volunteer mentors work with children to help them develop interests and passions in everything from video editing to philosophy.  The Karam House even includes a lab that allows students to explore their interests through 3D printers and laser cutting, sewing and computer technique.

Ms. Sergie Attar has been a prominent voice towards change in Syria, having given multiple TED talks on the subject.  She has also been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Politico and has appeared on outlets including CNN, BBC News, and NPR.

On December 10th, Ms. Sergie Attar and the Human Rights Club will be presenting in the David Miller Theater during 3rd and 7th periods.  All students and faculty are welcome to attend, and community members are encouraged to come as well.

Be sure to further support the efforts of the Human Rights Club by visiting the Continental Thrift store, located in the old snack shop.  The store is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:45-8:10.  Help make a progressive difference in the world through this club, and support its efforts for a better world.