District 115 Board of Education Selects LFHS’ Incoming Principal

Dr. Lenart is considered by the Board as “a builder of results, teams, and community.”

Dr. Lenart is considered by the Board as “a builder of results, teams, and community.”

Kailey Albus, Editor-in-Chief

The District 115 Board of Education voted to offer the newly vacant principal position to Dr. Erin B. Lenart, who will begin her service in July.

The former principal of Fairfax High School in Virginia started her career as an English teacher. She boasts two decades of experience in educational leadership positions and is described by Board President Jenny Zinser as “a builder of results, teams, and community.”

The Board, in collaboration with B.W.P. & Associates, Ltd, relied on various groups of students, staff, and community members to give their input in the hiring process. In addition, an attributes survey was utilized to gauge public opinion on what qualities are essential for a prospective principal.

According to the survey, the LFHS community prioritized the following qualities: Knowledge about curriculum and instruction with a deep understanding of how students learn, excellent communication skills, and a team-builder who motivates and brings out the best in others.

In the words of Student Body President Will Elliott, “Dr. Lenart completely fits the bill.”

“Dr. Lenart is exactly who LFHS needs right now,” Elliott said. “She’s comforting and charismatic and she has a history of successful, innovative leadership that empowers students and engages the community. I’m incredibly excited that she’ll be at the helm of the school we love.”

In a recent email announcement from interim Superintendent Dr. Collins, Lenart said her attraction to LFHS stemmed from “its reputation for innovative, student-centered learning.”

“As a servant leader, I work to build relationships that empower those I serve – students, staff, and community,” she said. “I pledge to work tirelessly to listen, learn, see, and value each member of our LFHS family.”

Principal Chala Holland announced in April that she is leaving LFHS at the end of the year for an assistant superintendent position in Naperville.

Tune in tonight, May 11, at 5 p.m. for a live-streamed Q&A session with Dr. Lenart.