A Little Healthy Competition

Catherine Greub, Opinion Editor

Catherine Greub, Opinion Editor

Every year, hundreds of students and community members attend the much-talked-about LFHS Talent Show. Many different acts from all different grades partake in Talent Show to show off what they’ve got. While Talent Show does bring the community and high school together, the students participating do not receive any prize or even compete to have a winner.

I believe the LFHS Talent Show should have categorical winners. 

With this proposal, contestants could be split into categories, for example, duets, solos, bands, and maybe an “other” category. They would then have a winner of each of those categories.

The students who participate in Talent Show participate for their own desire: showing off their talent, speaking their voice, or using the stage to practice for the real world. I believe, if there would be a winner or prize of the Talent Show, students who are less motivated (due to any reason) to participate would have more willingness to be in the talent show.

There are many students that enjoy some healthy competition. Some students even perform better under competition. I am not asking for some huge prize, but name recognition within our school, newspaper articles, gift cards to local restaurants or shops, could all add a little extra “umph” to the talent show environment.

Having categorical winners could also open up Talent Show more to the community. 

[Awarding winners] could all add a little extra “umph” to the talent show environment”


The majority of the supporters of Talent Show are students and staff of LFHS and family members of the students in the acts. The categorical winners could be picked by the public. Determined by a panel of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff community members who act as “judges” instead of the audience who are majority students at LFHS, this would deter the idea of having the “most popular” act winning the talent show and increase the act’s chances based on pure talent – how it is supposed to be. 

While some would argue that comparing acts at the LFHS Talent Show is similar to comparing apples to oranges, the categories would make sure that alike acts would only be competing against their own kind. There is the Battle of the Bands coming up on April 9, where bands do compete for a winner but, it is hosted by CROYA, not the high school. The Battle of the Bands, just like the talent show, practices good sportsmanship and has bands that come back every year to participate in the battle, even when they haven’t won in the past.

Talent Show with a little healthy competition would be just like that. Fun, exciting, and entertaining to watch for the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff communities.

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