A Lil’ Ditty About Snow Days


Nathaniel Martin

There’s no denying it. The feeling of waking up on a chilly weekday morning and not having to doggedly get ready for your first period Spanish class at 8:15 is one of the greatest feelings ever. The joy of sleeping in and having a warm cup of hot cocoa as the snow plows run by is indescribable. Here are my favorite things about snow days.

  1. Free Time – It’s impossible to plan more than a day or two ahead for a snow day, so more often than not I have a whole day to myself. I can choose to go out to lunch or see a movie with friends, or I can sit at home and read a book. I could do some nifty science experiments in the snow, or I could play video games for twelve hours straight. The day is mine to do with what I choose.
  2. Extensions on Homework – Just when I thought I would never finish my English essay in time to turn it in, snowy salvation came down from above. Another day to work on the paper! I know that I’ve enjoyed having an extra day to do assignments when snow days happen. Now that I’m a senior, I can use some of the time for college essays too. That being said, I make sure to leave just enough leisure time in the day to make sure I’m not miserable.
  3. The Warm Cozy Feeling – Being stuck inside for the day means that now is the time to put on the fire, start up Netflix or On Demand and stream movies for hours on end. Leaping for sheer delight onto my couch and cuddling under a heavy blanket while watching my favorite movies like Inception or Star Wars is a perfect way to spend a snow day.

So go enjoy your day off tomorrow! Snow days don’t come often.