Fun and easy costumes to do with friends



With Halloween approaching, everyone is frantically trying to plan out their costumes with friends. A lot of group costumes require lots of time, money, and effort – something a lot of high school students don’t have. Here are three quick (but fun) costumes to try out with your friend group this Halloween season.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ever since we were little, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) have been around. Whether in cartoon or a live action movie, they have been a part of our lives growing up. This costume consists of a headband/ribbon, t-shirt, leggings, a tutu, and socks. Your choice of shoe doesn’t matter much, though it should be a plain color such as black or white.

The headband/ribbon you can get from any crafts store, such as Michaels or Target. The TMNT themed t-shirt you can get from Amazon for around $15, not including shipping. The plain black leggings you can get from any clothing store, whether it be online or in shop. The tutu you can also get from Amazon in almost any color for about $12 (once again, not including shipping). Lastly, the socks you can get on eBay anywhere from $2-$10, depending on what type of sock you want.

Fun and easy costumes to do with friends 2

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Another childhood classic, Alvin and the Chipmunks makes a great cute and easy costume for you and your two close friends. This look has glasses for Simon and a hat for Alvin, but everyone gets a hoodie with the characters first initial, shorts and knee high striped socks. Once again, shoes don’t really matter with this costume, but in the picture they are all wearing white Converse.

For accessories, if you choose to be Simon, you need a pair of glasses. Whether they are fake or not is up to you! For Alvin’s accessories, he has a signature red hat that he always wears. You can get a plain red hat from really any clothing store, online, or in person. Theodore doesn’t have any accessories. The outfits also include large hoodies with the first letter of their name. You can either pay to make these, buy them from Amazon or eBay for a fairly big price, or you could buy a plain colored hoodie and draw the letter yourself. It’s up to you! Next, they paired the over-sized hoodie with some short shorts. These shorts don’t have to be specific, they can be any sort of athletic shorts or even jean shorts. And lastly, they have striped socks that match the color of their hoodie. You can get these socks in any color on Amazon for about $14, not including shipping cost.

Fun and easy costumes to do with friends

Care Bears

Lastly, sticking with the theme of childhood tv shows, there’s Care Bears. This costume is quick and easy. All you need are some teddy bear ears, over-sized t-shirt, and leggings. Similar to the other costumes stated, your choice of shoe doesn’t really matter, although it should be a plain color such as white or black.

You can either make your own teddy bear ears with a headband and some fabric, or you could by some from Amazon for about $5, not including shipping. Next, you can buy an over-sized colored shirt from about any retail store, but your best luck is at Target or Walmart, especially if you want cheap prices. To get the designs they have on the bears’ stomachs (aka the designs on their shirt) you can cut and design it with fabric, or you can draw it on using markers. Once again, it’s up to you! Finally, to finish this look, you can get plain black leggings from any clothing store, online, or in person. The prices vary.

Fun and easy costumes to do with friends 1

Those are three quick, fun, and cute costumes to do with your friends this Halloween. Most of the items you can get from Amazon, Walmart, or Target and take barely any time to put together, but the end result looks great.