Songs In A Life: Gabby Moore


Will Davis

Will Davis’s “Songs in a Life” column intends to express the story of people’s lives via an 10-song playlist. His first subject, Gabby Moore, is a senior at LFHS. Follow @theforestscout on Spotify for all of the “Songs in a Life” features as well as playlists curated by our authors.

In this week’s songs in a life, senior Gabby Moore chooses ten songs that accurately define her life throughout the years. Gabby is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist at the high school who truly does have an ear for music. She has played in numerous bands throughout her high school career and experimented with many different music genres. Her diverse and unique taste in music is clearly shown through the variety of songs that she has chosen.

Norwegian Wood
I listened to the Beatles a lot growing up, and Rubber Soul was hands down my favorite album as a kid. This was the first song off the album that I ever heard, and it introduced me to classic rock.

Soul Love
I first discovered David Bowie when I saw his movie, The Labyrinth. After watching the movie, my mom showed me the album that this song is on. I grew to love David Bowie and I learned everything about him. Over the years, this song has become my favorite off of the album, and one of my favorite songs of all time.

Stable Song
Growing up, my sister always played acoustic guitar and sang. At our camp, she would sing everyone to sleep with this song. This song has always reminded me of her and it’s always been really close to my heart.

Impossible Germany
My brother Henry introduced me to Wilco in middle school and I grew to really love this band. Freshman year, my friend Jaime and I went to see them live, and that was the first time I heard this song. It’s a truly happy song and I love listening to it. The guitar solo at the end is one of my favorite solo’s of all time.

Dance Yrself Clean
My brother Tom was obsessed with LCD Soundsystem in college, and he showed them to me at the beginning of high school. That year, we got to see them perform in Barcelona at Primavera Festival. This song was really incredible live and is one of their most popular songs.

Our House
My friends and I all grew up loving this song, and we always listen to it and dance around whenever we hang out. I’ve always loved this song because it’s so joyful, and I especially love it now because of the connection with my friends that this song fostered.

Foreplay // Longtime
My band in 2016 covered this song and we played it at nearly every show. It’s really nostalgic for me now because it reminds of all the fun I had with my band playing this song. Joining that band made me make so many new friends who are now my closest friends and this song brings back so many good memories.

At a lot of shows with my band, my best friend Jaime and I did an acoustic cover of this song. He moved here from Mexico in 7th grade and moved back before junior year. For all the years he was here, we’d always play this song together.

Golden Days
This past year, my band competed in CROYA battle of the bands. For this song, we pulled Todd Nahigian from CROYA on stage to play trumpet with us. It was one my last shows with that band as some of the members were graduating, and this performance is one of my fondest performing memories.

Sign In Stranger
I have always loved Steely Dan and have loved playing their music in my bands. I especially love this song because of the piano in it and all of the various solos. This is a song that I hope to eventually play with a band and always enjoy listening to.