Band Brings Broadway to LFHS Homecoming


Nikole Tzioufas

As homecoming is rapidly approaching, many students and teachers are hustling to prepare for the biggest event of the year. The LFHS band is a key part of all things homecoming and they are changing LFHS music history at this years assembly.

The LFHS band has decided to break tradition at this years homecoming festivities. It is predicted for the band that most of the homecoming shows consist of pop tunes due to the expectations of the student body. The band has decided to stray away from this predictable setlist by carrying out a complete reversal for this year’s halftime performance.  

This year’s theme: Classic Broadway Hits.

This artistic choice to carry out a Broadway theme is a bold decision due to the fact that a Broadway theme has not been carried out since the football team started playing at West Campus years ago. The Broadway classics that are expected to be played at the game are hardest pieces of music the band has endured this year.

LFHS Band director Janene Kessler granted Senior Drum Major Katie Pierce and Junior Drum Major Evan Jasica the complete artistic freedom in regards of selecting this years music for the homecoming performance.

“The Drum Majors select all of our music. I try to give them a pretty free reign of what they want to perform for this specific performance due to the fact that it is such a student driven event,” said Kessler.

When picking the music for this years homecoming performance, drum majors Katie Pierce and Evan Jasica agreed to instill a universal theme of togetherness at the homecoming to reflect what it means to be one unified school.

Junior Drum Major Evan Jasica expressed that the band has been working closely with Scout Nation, Poms and Cheer to coordinate their songs, cheers and dances to fully unify the student body at this years homecoming assembly.

“We haven’t had this kind of communication for at least the past few years, so it’s exciting to finally have united Scout spirit rather than the separate groups we have had in years past.” said Jasica.

This year’s setlist plans to feature two of the greatest and most popular Broadway shows of all time:

Wicked and Rent.

The band will be kicking off the halftime performance with a rendition of “Seasons of Love.” transitioning into the finale from the hit musical “Rent.” When picking this specific selection from the hit musical, Senior Drum Major, Katie Pierce set a clear image of what homecoming reflects about our school and how the band can incorporate this into the Broadway themed performance.

“I found that this theme fit homecoming, especially Seasons of Love. I feel that even though the songs don’t have recognizable lyrics, their tunes alone capture a whole different side of the homecoming spirit. I find these songs to be celebrations of triumphs, and that’s what a lot of us have been through–we need a time to celebrate the little things in our lives, and homecoming can be a celebration of a bunch of things just like that,” Pierce said.

By incorporating this evident theme of pride and celebration in the music, this years homecoming performance is bound to bring the scouts together to enjoy the music the band has carefully prepared.

Secondly, the band will be playing a rendition of songs from “Wicked” which highlights the songs “Dancing Through Life” and “Defying Gravity.” Wicked is known to be one of the most popular Broadway musicals due to its ability to incorporate estaunishing layers and complexity to its music for anyone to enjoy. Junior Alec Boyd expressed his excitement about how this years Broadway theme truly portrays the theme of togetherness and what the Scouts can expect from this performance.

“The Broadway rendition is some of our best music yet. It shows off all the different sections in a wicked way, pun intended. The Wicked piece is very complex due to its requirement for every member to be perfect with their timing. So a sense of togetherness is very present beyond our music to unify the Scouts at this year’s homecoming assembly.” Boyd said.

It is evident that the band has been working vigorously to strive for perfection for this years homecoming performance. By debuting this awaited Broadway theme at the homecoming performance, the LFHS Band will bring something new and fresh for the students to experience first hand at the assembly. This ensures that the event is bound to create lasting memories that we will always cherish and bring with us throughout our lives. So Scouts, have a happy homecoming weekend and remember we are one school and one student body; we are LFHS.