Scouts’ Tennis comes up short against Highland Park


Brady Christoph

Monday afternoon, the Girls Varsity Tennis Team suffered a tough loss from the Highland Park Giants. The Scouts were feeling good about their odds coming into their second out-of-tournament match as they had recently swept Loyola.

The Scouts started strong with sophomore star Kiley Rabjohns and Junior Alex Slomba winning both of their matches in straight sets. They looked unstoppable as the number one and two for Lake Forest, as their opponents were unable to answer back. Highland Park ended up taking the third match leaving the Scouts leading 2-1 in the singles grouping.

As for doubles, the Giants outplayed the Scouts 3-1 with the Scouts’ only win coming from Lili and Clara Goshgarian in a tight two set match. Senior captain Emily Asmussen and her partner Olivia Wheldon put up a good fight in an intense three set match. Despite their early success in the first set, they could not close it out.

“Olivia and I are new playing together, but getting better every match and we have a solid season ahead of us,” Asmussen said. The most surprising outcome of the day was that the second year dynamic duo of Salma Alsikafi and Nika Belova lost in straight sets.

The Giants finished up the day on top with three doubles wins and one singles win for the 4-3 victory against the Scouts. With the loss Asmussen said, “We have a lot of potential on the team, and I feel like we are getting stronger with every practice and match.”

The Scouts (1-1) are looking to bounce back next week in their next match against Mundelein (1-0) at West Campus.