Teacher Feature: Mr. Lubliner


Annie Burdiak

After attending school at Vassar College and New York University for graduate school, English teacher Peter Lubliner started a career as a screenwriter in Hollywood.

“When I was screenwriting, every once in a while I would go broke, so I started substitute teaching in Barrio in L.A.,” he said.

However, it wasn’t until a dear teacher of his from high school passed away that he decided to return to teaching full time. “I saw the reaction to that among all of the people he taught and I decided to go back to teaching,” Lubliner said.

With a master’s degree in writing, he began his new job of teaching at LFHS.

Lubliner said the classroom was his favorite part of teaching. However, he didn’t hesitate to explain that grading is the most challenging and grueling thing about teaching.

Outside the classroom, Lubliner has accumulated a variety of hobbies to occupy his free time.Drawn to thrill-seeking sports, Lubliner spent a lot of his free time in college ski racing. Once he grew bored with racing down the slopes, Lubliner put on his running shoes and ran marathons for seven years.

While vacationing in Hawaii in his early 40’s, Lubliner encountered his new favorite hobby: surfing. It remains his favorite way to escape from reality.

With a passion as strong as his for surfing, Lubliner enjoys traveling: specifically internationally. “I travel a minimum of four weeks out of the year outside of the country,” Lubliner said. His favorite city is Paris, yet his favorite place to travel right now is Japan.

However, one of Lubliner’s strongest passions brings him back to the classroom. Going on his 13th year as a teacher at LFHS, he is famous for his unique, yet effective style of teaching. As described by multiple students of his, Lubliner knows how to push his students to their full academic potential, while also remaining cognizant of how much work was too much work.

One of his former students, senior Lorelei Duelli, said that his teaching style makes his students get to a point where they feel comfortable speaking up. It’s no surprise that Lubliner’s favorite part of teaching is being in class with all of the kids.

“Wise, compassionate, and encouraging,” senior, former student, and teaching assistant Mary King said. But the one that she put the most emphasis on was role model.

To add, senior Anna Aquino and a former student of his said that he is the “realest teacher of LFHS.”

“I’ve never had such a teacher who cares so incredibly much about his students and their well-being and honestly wants to see them go far in life,” King said.

The love and true appreciation for Lubliner as expressed through King, Duelli, and Aquino is evident through a quotebook that a few of his students made him.

“My favorite memory was when our entire class made a quote book of all the various funny, and weird, and dark quotes that Mr. Lubliner had throughout the year. We gave it to him at the end of school and his reaction was just priceless. He was just so happy and overwhelmed,” King said.

Memories like the quote book highlight Lubliner’s importance and impact that he obviously made on some of his students.

Aquino said, “the little exchanges in the hall mean more than he knows. With an intimidating mind and a tender soul, Mr. Lubliner is unlike anyone else you’ll ever meet.”