In Honor of Reading a Book

A book shelf

Grace Bentley

September 6th, 2016 is National Read a Book Day.

And, no, reading the 8 pages assigned in US and the half chapter in bio doesn’t count.

Reading something for fun on a school night is usually nothing more than a childhood memory for high schoolers–a throwback to a time when the number of pages read a night were recorded on a reading log due at the end of the week. Most teenagers have too much homework, or devote too much time to various games/practices/rehearsals to find the extra minutes to give the mental energy before bed.

However, on National Read a Book Day, I propose this: before you turn the lights out, maybe, just for five minutes, wander over to your bookshelf and pick out a childhood favorite. And as you read, fall into another world, one waiting for you inside of the pages. It won’t do any harm, in fact, according to a new study from the University of Sussex, it should calm you down. What’s better than escaping to another world for a while? On National Read a Book Day, find a book, and cherish it.