How to: Tie a Toga

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How to: Tie a Toga

Emma Riley

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With Homecoming rapidly approaching, so is my favorite week of the year, Spirit Week. Everyone dresses up each day of the week with a different theme to show school spirit. One day in particular is extra fun, class distinction day. This year it falls on Tuesday and the different classes will be wearing the following: Tie Dye for freshmen, Camo for sophomores, USA for the juniors and the infamous togas for the seniors. It’s something kids look forward to for all four years. You know you are officially a senior when you tie on that toga, yet many kids struggle with how to actually turn a white sheet into a Grecian toga.

So here are a two different ways to make sure you have the slickes toga that also stays up and together the entire day:

Basic toga

How to: Tie a TogaTake a corner of the sheet in one hand. Hold the sheet in front of the top of your right shoulder.

Drape the sheet across your chest and tuck under your left arm.

Wrap the sheet around your back. Tuck it under your right arm and once more around the front of your chest.

After bringing the sheet across your chest, under your left arm the second time and around your back, bring the second corner up over your back. Secure the two ends with a knot.

Secure the layers tightly with a couple of hidden safety pins inside the toga.

Add a belt around your waist.

Sari-style toga

How to: Tie a Toga 1 Hold the corner of the sheet at hip level at your left side. It should be covering the front of your body, but not the back.

Wrap the fabric around your back to form a skirt. Wrap until it overlaps the first corner by a few inches.

Pin it in place with a safety pin.

Throw the remainder of the sheet over your right shoulder.

How to: Tie a Toga 2