Flag Football Feature


Eddie Scheidler

The 90’s Chicago Bulls. The New England Patriots under Brady and Belichick. The New York Yankees from the late 20’s to the early 60’s. Many know of such iconic sports dynasties, yet few recognize the dynasty blooming before their very eyes here at Lake Forest High School. Coming off a dominant victory in last year’s state championship game, the Scouts’ flag football team looks to add yet another state championship to their résumé this fall. Of the past five years, the Scouts have walked out of Halas Hall–the Chicago Bears’ headquarters and indoor practice facility in west Lake Forest–as champions of the annual round-robin tournament three times thus far (2013, 2015, 2017).

Beginning back in early September, the team has met every Wednesday after school, practicing and preparing for the upcoming tournament on November 3. Though they lack IHSA affiliation, the team’s overall competitiveness is like that of any other school sport.

“The flag football team is more competitive than you would think,” said senior Colin Holman, one of the team’s most vocal leaders. “There are cuts but that’s just what it takes to make the perfect team. Every practice we’ve had so far is a tryout for our tournament in November.”

Heading the team of 15 is the coaching duo, Mr. Adam Mocogni and Mr. Matt Fiordirosa. Together, the two have been with the team for over six years now and have had nothing but success. Senior Tommy Glyman, a new member of the team, commented on the strength at the head coach position, saying, “With Mr. Mocogni and Mr. Fiordirosa’s Bill Belichick-like coaching skills, we really can’t wait for the tournament in November. The two of them truly bring out the different talents in each player and have helped turn a group of ordinary guys into quite the team.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Matt Fiordirosa has just as high of expectations for the team as he did a year ago. As he explained it, “Obviously the expectations are going to be high when you have a group of guys as competitive and as driven as the guys on this team. But how cool is it that we have the chance to get free Bears tickets for the whole team and even get to go onto the field before the game starts?”

Just as Mr. Matt Fiordirosa stated, the winners of the round-robin tournament get free tickets to a Chicago Bears home game, are honored on the jumbotron before the game starts, and have the opportunity to walk around on the field prior to kickoff. With that said, clearly the stakes are high. At the same time, such pressure has not seemed to phase the team in the past.

Expect big things from the Scouts’ flag football team this fall as they eye yet another state championship. Make sure to cheer on the team at the annual tournament on November 3, from 2:00-7:15 p.m. at Halas Hall in west Lake Forest.

Coaching Staff:

Mr. Mocogni and Mr. Fiordirosa

Team Roster:

Andrew Fluri

Tommy Glyman

Colin Holman

Keenan Jajeh

Luke Jannotta*

Parkey Kelley

Danny Moorhead

Peter Lynch

Colin Lochiatto

Daniel Grady

Griffin Slobodnik*

Eli Fietsam

Carter Blake

Landen Messner

Sammy Duarte

Captains are denoted with *