Scouts Fall to Trevians 4-5 Ater Two Rounds of Shootouts


Ryan Devine

Last night’s field hockey game saw an intense battle between the Scouts and the New Trier Trevians, taking it past overtime and into two sets of shootouts before the Trevians were ultimately victorious.

What it meant: This match marked the final game of the regular season, and with the team seedings already submitted, New Trier had the #1 seed with Lake Forest just behind them at #2. After a previous loss in shoot-outs to New Tier, the Scouts were out for revenge. Whereas the Trevians would fight to prove that first win was no fluke. Due to this, it is no surprise the game came down to the seconds. Literally.

Also: Adding to the energy and value of the game was the fact that it was Senior Night for the 11 seniors on the field hockey team. Fittingly, the game included great performance from them featuring multiple goals. Seniors also contributed greatly to the number of steals, led by senior Logan Hanekamp with 7. Halftime of the game featured the cheer and dance teams as they performed their final routines of the year, due to the recent football game suffering weather delays.

First Half: The game started off favoring the Scouts, with early pressure featuring a quick but failed shot on the Trevian’s net. But, it did not take long for the game to be locked in a defensive stalemate, hinting at a low scoring game. The back-and-forth lack of scoring was then interrupted when senior Captain Madden Plante scored the first goal for the Scouts. Keeping their defense up, the Scouts kept the Trevians at bay.

After a speedy drive up the sideline followed by multiple precise passes towards the net, senior Lindsay Folkert took a shot on goal that was tipped into the net by senior Allison Quackenbush. This made the Scouts second addition to the scoreboard. The buzzer sounded, and the Scouts headed into halftime with two goals, while the Trevians had yet to score.

Second Half: The second half commenced, and the Trevians were not ready to give up. They scored a quick goal which meant the Trevians were finally on the board, but still trailing 2-1. The Scouts were on the defensive, with sophomore Elsa Goldsberry making a clutch save. That save was one of nine made by Goldsberry that game, a feat that earned her player of the game. But the Trevians looked strong as they scored once more, tying up the game at 2-2. The remainder of the second half saw a vigorous but ultimately unfruitful return of the Scouts offensive game.

Then, with 30 seconds and counting on the clock, the Trevians were presented with a chance to take the win back home to New Trier. With a corner favoring the opposition, and now with literally 0 seconds left on the clock, the Scouts desperately needed a save.

And that is exactly what freshman goalie Heidi Richardson provided. After holding their breath, the crowd let out of sigh of relief in the form of glowing cheers. A save right in the front of the goal meant the game would head into 7 on 7 overtime.

Overtime, 1st half: For both the Scouts and the Trevians, these extra halves would play out strikingly similar to regulation time. The Scouts game out strong, with a revitalising goal by senior Maggie Mick. After minutes of back and forth action, featuring a close shot by the Scouts, the Trevians were still trailing 3-2. Nearing the finish, the Trevians engaged in an attack that broke through the Scout’s defense, including the goalkeeper. But the tying shot was denied by senior Captain Sarah Considine who become an impromptu last line of defense.

However, the Trevians once again had one more chance to tie it. Just like the end of regulation time, the Scouts had to defend a corner with no time on the clock. Unfortunately for them, this play would end up with the Trevians scoring. With a crowded battle on the right side of the Scouts net, the ball is briefly cleared, only for it to slip in on the open left side. The second period of Overtime would soon commence, with the score tied at 3-3.

Overtime, 2nd half: This final half saw increasingly strong defense from both teams. It seemed everyone on the field knew the remaining ten minutes could finally decide the victor. But alas, those ten minutes did not.  Despite the ball traveling back and forth down the field, we would not see any scoring. But it got frighteningly close when the Trevians had yet again managed to get a corner with the time ticking down to zero. Thankfully for the blue and gold, the third time was not the charm for the blue and green. Scouts goalie Goldsberry ensured this was the case with an important save and led the team into the shootout.

Here is the scenario: The two teams alternate taking shots on goal for a total of 5 attempts each. Each player taking the shot has 8 seconds to score.

Shootout, round 1: The Scouts were the ones who would make the first attempt. A train sped by on the nearby tracks and the winds picked up. But none of that seemed to matter as the Scout’s first penalty shot of the night is successful. The Trevians answered, tying the score. Scouts were up once again, but a missed shot sent the ball wide right. New Trier had fired a shot to take the lead, but Goldsberry was all over it. The score was still tied, with 3 attempts remaining.

Silence fell over the crowd. A Scout’s player produced an impressive move on the Trevian goalie, sending them to the ground. But those 8 seconds were ticking down. The shot was there, and just before the buzzer ripped through the silence, the ball had been popped over the downed goalie and into the net. This was when yet another attempt by New Trier was broken up by Goldsberry. Lake forest had the advantage with two shots left.

The Trevians answered with a very close save, followed by a score. With the current totals tied and 1 shot remaining for each team, the pressure was on.

The scouts were up. But this time, it would be the buzzer that beat the ball to the back of the net. The final shot was up to New Trier. But no one was going home yet, as yet another save was made by Goldsberry.  

The two teams saw yet another tie followed by yet another shootout.

Shootout, round 2: Both teams successfully made their first shot. The night was now so quiet, viewers in the stands could hear the ball rustle through the turf. They could also hear the unfortunate thump of the neon ball hitting the back of the net. The Trevians now had the advantage, and the Scouts needed a score to stay in it. Unknown to anyone at the time, the next attempt was to be the final one of the night.

And so, the eight seconds counted down. Eight. Seven. The designated Scout charged forward to the net. Six. Five. She passed the ten yard line and the goalie prepared to meet her. Four. Three. An impressive move by the shooter left the goalie on the ground. Two. One. A shot was fired, flying just left of the goal. With the Trevians scoring twice in the final shootout and the Scouts only once, the final score was 4-5.

The game that seemed to last forever was finally over, with New Trier getting their second win over the Scouts in regular season play.

Conclusion: This game was by no means detrimental to the girls’ season. However, it without a doubt solidified the fact that these were the two teams to beat, leaving everyone waiting in anticipation for the next time these two juggernauts would face off.
What’s next: The Scouts play next on Wednesday, October 17, for their first game of sectionals. The team the Scouts face off against is to be determined.