Scouts Receive Second Loss of Season at the Hands of Kentucky State Champs


Ainsley Allan

The Scouts played against Sacred Heart (KY) on Saturday, Sep. 22, losing 1-0 in a tight game. The Scouts came out very strong getting many opportunities, but they couldn’t finish. Even with a tight back line, the Scouts couldn’t keep Sacred Heart scoreless. With about five minutes of the first half left, Sacred Heart scores their one and only goal of the game.

The Scouts fought hard the entire game showing that they weren’t willing to give up even though they were down by a goal for most of the game. “When the other team scored, we weren’t completely surprised because we weren’t having our best game. But after the first half, we picked it up and started playing a lot better and were working as a team,” senior Maggie Mick said.

But, by playing against tough competition, it gave the Scouts a leg up on what could come next in future games. “Even though we didn’t end up scoring, we still grew as a team. We played against a high level team and got to work on some of the skills we have been practicing. We also learned how to play against a fast paced team, preparing us for our tournament this weekend and for playoffs,” Mick said.

Some key players in this game were Maggie Mick, Sarah Considine, and Elsa Goldsberry. Mick had some great plays up top creating chances for the Scouts to score, while Considine and Goldsberry kept the back line tight, with Goldsberry making some great saves to keep the Scouts in the game.

Later today, the Scouts look to rebound on the road against North Shore Country Day.