Game Recap: Lake Forest Field Hockey (4-0-2) Defeats Saint Ignatius (1-1)


Photo courtesy of Victory Views

Nick Wnuk

Last night, the Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team defeated Saint Ignatius from the Metropolitan Area. The two teams met at West Campus at 6:15 p.m. as the sun began to set.

The organized and methodical Scouts, under Head Coach Catherine Catanzaro, expressed their discipline in their warm-up drills alone. Senior Captain Madden Plante looked to move the team forward to a three-game win streak, while possibly creating a three-game streak of her own with two consistent hat-trick games.

Off to an early starts, the Scouts set the pace just 8 minutes into the game through a goal by senior Allison Quakenbush. Just two and a half minutes later, Quakenbush followed with another goal, ensuring a safe lead for the Scouts.

Madden Plante ended the first half, contributing a goal to her hopes of another hat-trick.

Plante says the reason she scores is simple. “It’s the grit to get it in the goal rather than trying to make everything look flawless.”

Undoubtedly a true athlete’s mentality.

Junior Willow Volkert ignited the Scouts heading into the second half, adding two goals of her own. Plante and senior Eleanor Van Antwerp followed with a goal apiece ensuring a 6-0 victory when the horn gave an end to the matchup. While Plante wasn’t able to knock down three consecutive hat-tricks, the Scouts are moving forward briskly with a 4-0-2 record.

Looking forward to their matchup at Highland Park on Wednesday, the Scouts hope to lock down a win against the Giants and move forward to another Sate championship.