Kim Jong-un requests sit down with Trump, tensions remain


Nick Wnuk

President Donald Trump wipes the the trickling sweat off his forehead as he prepares to sit down with the North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong-un. Not as means to foreshadow the outcome of the sit down, but rather because a meeting between the acting leaders of North Korea and the U.S. is unprecedented in history. Following an extremely unconventional stand-off between the two, in which both barked fire and fury at each other, Kim Jong-un has requested a sit down to negotiate North Korea’s nuclear arms program.

If in fact Kim Jong-un holds his own for the next couple months and halts all nuclear testing, we could see a meeting as soon as March. Trump of course, will want a full depletion of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal as well as continued military training in the North Korean region. To say that we know what Kim Jong-un wants is based solely on his words, making it purely speculation. Although the word “negotiation” does make it seem as if Kim Jong-un wants to work towards peace and guaranteed safety for all parties involved, which would include South Korea.

Various scholars and world leaders fear the outcome of this meeting could be complete chaos and possibly even result in nuclear war. Trump’s boisterous attitude and Kim Jong-Un’s tyrannical philosophy do indeed point to such a conclusion. People fail to see though, that this is not Trump’s first negotiation. Business negotiations are far different than negotiations with tyrannical leaders on various levels. Trump, however, not only negotiated his way to maintain a billion dollar business, but he also become the President of the United States. We can’t trust Donald Trump’s business skills to negotiate peace with North Korea, which is why there are numerous politicians, generals, and trusted advice givers at Trump’s side to insure the best possible outcome for America.

Kim Jong-un undoubtedly has his nations advisers rounded up to ensure the same thing for North Korea. What is really comes down to is what the motives of Kim Jong-un are. He knows precisely what America wants, which is complete depletion of nuclear arms and the right to carry out any and all military exercises in their region. Kim Jong-Un, having extended an invitation to America, wants to ensure peace in his country. It has also been reported that Kim Jong-Un has faced a decline in trade with China, which supplies an immense amount of their goods.

A meeting between North Korea’s leader and an acting U.S. President has never been seen before, which makes it a historical landmark for the tyrannical dynasty. Foreign relation researchers fear that standing toe-to-toe with a world power like the U.S. could be a boost to Kim Jong-un’s ego. A man with a country at his hands–no matter how poor and isolated–is a dangerous man. With proof that he has the capability to produce Hydrogen bombs, he is a threat to President Trump and all citizens of the U.S. Recent history does not favor the foreign diplomacy tactics of the U.S., perhaps the new administration can have peace on the horizon through a reformed relationship with Kim Jong-un.