Scout Memories: Valentine’s Day


Eddie Scheidler

In Eddie Scheidler’s “Scout Memories” column, he takes a sardonic look at some time-honored rites of passage at LFHS. 

With little over a week gone by now, high school students across Lake Forest look back and reflect on the visit of the holiday dear to each and every one of their hormonal, emotionally-infused hearts. With arms wide open, the high school’s demographic welcomed in the one holiday per year where students break out the tackiest of red sweaters and couples amp up their level of unwanted and unwarranted PDA to get us all in the Valentine’s Day spirit. But hey, who’s to blame them? Love is in the air. After all, we are talking about high school relationships.

Nevertheless, whether you’ve got that special someone or not, Valentine’s Day came and went, touching the lives of just about everyone to cross in its path. So whether your day dedicated to love and romance consisted of going out on the town with your significant other, or even finding that, “I still love you, honey” card from your mom in your backpack, (*cough* love you too, Mom *cough*) Valentine’s Day is simply unavoidable–almost as unavoidable as walking behind a couple holding hands in the narrow, 2nd floor stairwell; no true way out or around it. That’s why I strongly suggest moving forward, we all learn to accept Valentine’s Day for what it is. Not even just accept, but embrace it. Take it in. Make the most of it.

So what if you’re not in a relationship? Just about every store in America has chocolates on sale, and lucky for you, you’ve now got one less person you have to share them with. Better yet, you’ll be able to make even further progress on your Netflix favorites without having to stop and explain every last detail to that theoretical significant other of yours. And if you’re the more athletic, physical type, go hit the gym and show the world what they’re missing out. Now, speaking on behalf of all males who share in a similar physique as my own, what woman could honestly say that they’d turn down a “dad-bod”? Fellas, the chances are pulling in our favor. Regardless of the situation, when you stop and think about it, being single on this particular holiday isn’t as bad as it seems. Let’s face it: You get to have a little extra “me time.” There’s zero pressure to find the perfect gift for that special someone–that is if you’re not counting Mom into this category. Best of all, your wallet is looking as thick as ever and you’re up $60 dollars as compared to your “taken” friends.

Even though the single-route appears to be the more cost and energy efficient option for many, I feel like it’s only fair to show some love (pun absolutely intended) to all those out there that have tied-the-knot so to speak with the “one,” at least for a few weeks. Getting that gift from your boyfriend or girlfriend is a feeling unlike no other. Some even argue it competes with the feeling of receiving that first Valentine from your kindergarten crush. Man, were those the days. Those pigtails made for pure heartbreak. But for as bold a statement as that is, to always have that special someone to talk to, spend time with, even watch movies together with when really you’re both more interested in what’s popping on Instagram than the company of each other, is something words cannot accurately describe. To be able to post hundreds of pictures of your significant other and let the rest of the world know that you two truly are #couplesgoals and #inlove is something no word or phrase (or hashtag) alone can justifiably depict. And that, my dear friends, is true love if I’ve ever seen it.

All in all, Valentine’s Day, you never cease to amaze us. Just like love, you take many forms and will never be truly understood. In simpler terms, love is like Spanish class: you eagerly sit and pay attention, nod your head, smile, and hopefully from time to time you say and do just the right thing. Until next year, Valentine’s Day. You will be missed.