Three new cars to be featured in LFHS Driver’s Ed. instruction


Kyle Wix

After about ten years with the same cars, the driver’s education department has received new equipment. Before this year, the department had been using two 2007 Ford Tauruses and one 2008 Chevrolet Impala. The older sedans were a staple of the driving fleet, but with new technology and better cars available it was time for a change. “We were in the old cars for a long time,” said driver’s education instructor Jim Matheson, “It was definitely time for a change.”

After an exhaustive search, the high school decided to lease three brand new Toyota Rav4s from Classic Toyota in Waukegan. The first car was delivered in December, with the two others arriving on January 19th. The new cars are painted in silver, red, and blue, and match the updated technology seen at other schools across the North Shore. “If you look at the other schools you can see how they’ve moved on to new cars, so it’s nice to have the updated technology and safety standards,” commented Matheson.

Clearly, it was about time Lake Forest saw an update to their driver’s education fleet, as new cars and technology hits the market. With the new vehicles, students will learn on equipment similar to what they will be driving at home and in the future. The new cars will be certain to better prepare students and give them an immersive and safer learning experience.