Craig, Perschke collaborate with faculty for epic LF vs. LB rap battle


Nick Wnuk

Lake Forest vs. Lake Bluff, a rivalry that may seem less prevalent today, but the historic duel will forever reap the streets of the North Shore. Countless videos have come from the New Media department displaying this rivalry through music videos, archaic fights, and rap battles. There’s one looming, however, that puts all those videos to shame, and that is Whitney Perschke and Annalise Craig’s up-and-coming rap video set to the instrumental version of “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar.

Whitney Perschke and Annalise Craig boast eight and six semesters of New Media respectively, making them more than qualified to operate the New Media departments new $20,000, 5K resolution Red Camera. Throughout Annalise’s career, she has made all three talent shows. She has applied to and has found her niche in ideation and concert stage production. Whitney, her co-director, has settled into her passion for film by committing to Chapman University’s Film program, a film school ranked in the top ten in the nation by The Hollywood Reporter. On top of that, Annalise and Whitney have brought home 1st place in two Midwest Media Educators Association competitions; Whitney won the Silent Film Project and both students won the 7-day challenge with their video entitled, “The Wall.”

All the duo needed to conceive this idea was a car, an AUX cord, and the song “HUMBLE”. As Whitney and Annalise busted rhyme after rhyme, it fueled their desire to put an end to all LF vs. LB videos by making one so spectacular, it could never be recreated. From the year 2006 to present, none of the LF vs. LB videos have featured girls. But soon enough those videos will be left in the dust as the girls continue to raise the bar with their film expertise and unmatched work ethic.

The co-directors have written verses, gotten faculty members on board, and have garnered exclusive filming in some of the town’s most prominent settings. Perhaps the biggest buzz is that our principal, Dr. Holland, will be rapping her own verse about this epic rivalry in this year’s talent show. To boot, Mr. Wanninger will be opening up the video by bringing back his days as “DJ Wang.”

The video opens up with Mr. Wanninger spinning a beat to the intro of “HUMBLE.” As he holds his headphones to one ear, his other hand scratches the disk, as he oozes with swagger that sets the tone for the rest of the video. The second cameo, Dr Holland, features her and her musical experience as Cha Holland, allowing her to write her own rap which unites both Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

As the days approach to the talent show, the directors continue to crunch for the deadline. The girls have an opportunity to leave a mark on the historic rivalry and set a precedent for all future LF vs. LB videos. Keep an eye out for the directors final “hoorah” and watch your teachers, peers, and community members rap to Kendrick Lamar about why their side of town is better.