New Year Fitness Challenge: Shred 415 vs. Orange Theory


Lily Connery


What is what?

Shred 415

Shred 415 is a Chicago based HIIT workout fitness training class targeted to clients of all ages. Shred 415 has more of a close knit vibe with only 9 locations in the North Shore and Chicago area, the closest to Lake Forest being in Northfield. The classes themselves are a combination of cardio and running (or walking!) for a total of 60 minutes to loud music and dim lighting.

Orange Theory

In 2010, Orange Theory began in Fort Lauderdale and has spread to 400 locations around the world, including being represented in 40 different states and six countries. Orange Theory is an interval-based workout utilizing treadmill, rowing, and weightlifting exercises for a total of 60 minutes in an orange room while trainer’s play their own playlists. The company promises an “after-burn” which keeps calories burning for hours after completing your workout.

Calorie count:

Both workouts are interval-based and HIIT workouts, so the calorie count is around the same. Shred415’s website says that you can burn between 500-1,2000 calories per class and will be able to see a difference within 4 weeks of consistently attending. Orange Theory’s website claims you will burn 500-1,000 calories including after burn in 36 hours of attending the class and can lose 3-5 pounds a week from attending classes every other day.


Both studios have playlists consisting of pop and rap songs, with a few remixes every once in awhile. Of course, the music does come down to what the instructor chooses to play, but mostly those fall into the “pump up” category of pop and rap.


The first Orange Theory class you take is free of charge, allowing newcomers to test out the class before committing to a membership or paying $28.00 per drop-in class. A premier membership allows unlimited classes per month for $159.00, and other options are available for four or eight classes a month. You can keep track of payments on the Orange Theory app as well as change your membership plan. There is a $15.00 charge for freezing your account for a month if you need a break.

For Shred415 the prices are a little less expensive, as the company also offers a free class with the #SHREDFOR2018 Challenge. Any class after 4/15 is $20, as well as any 45 minute express class. A morning class would be $28.00, and a 3 class introductory pack class is $60.00. Other packages include an unlimited month for $210, which is higher than the OT pack, and the 4 classes in a month for $79.00. All classes can be purchased online or in the studio.


The amount of effort put into the class (obviously) affects the outcome. Orange Theory makes effort more public by having participants wear bands that track their heart rates that can be seen on a screen displayed above the treadmills. The higher your heart rate, the higher the percentage under your name as well as the color of your box–blue being lowest and red being the highest. Being able to see that most likely causes people to work harder. The weight workouts are pretty similar and even share a few of the same exercises, but the rowing does add more intensity to Orange Theory that Shred 415 lacks. However, in Shred 415 the constant movement does keep you engaged throughout the session.


While both classes are split evenly with 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the floor, Shred 415 switches up these intervals by performing 15 minutes on each, then 10 minutes, then 5–while Orange Theory simply does 30 and 30. More actively switching stations keeps you from getting bored at one station and offers more recovery time while constantly switching between the two styles. Be prepared to come 15 minutes early to your first OT class, while Shred will give you the rundown in a quick 5 minutes before class.


Shred 415 studios are darker and about half the size of the OT studios but do have showers (with hair and skin care), locker rooms, as well as a childcare center. Snacks, water, and apparel are available for purchase at the front desk. On your way into class, make sure to grab a towel or two!

Orange Theory studios are bigger in size, and include more equipment at each floor station. Showers are available as well as restrooms and locker space. The front desk sells water and apparel as well as heart monitors for sale or to borrow. Usually you can see the glass walls in the studio decorated with upcoming and ongoing challenges (like Hell Week).

In conclusion…

Honestly, to me there is very little difference between Shred and OT. Aside from rowing, the two main differences are price and location. The ten dollars of saving at Shred does help when buying class-by-class. However Orange Theory is in Lake Forest while Shred 415’s Northfield location is about a thirty minute drive, which does require more gas money. Both classes will whip you into shape and have a positive and driven vibe within each studios. You can’t go wrong with either option, so go on and “Reach Your Max” or “Keep Burning!”