Tournament of Teachers: LFHS Faculty Cheer on their Alma Maters



Every year, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee searches far and wide to invite the 68 most deserving college basketball teams in the country with a ticket to the “Big Dance.” Each year, sports fans from across the country indulge in some “March Madness” whether they are true college basketball fans or not. Truly, the excitement is hard to avoid as buzzer beaters, Cinderella teams, and bracket busters abound during this time of the year. 

This year, The Forest Scout tracked down every teacher whose undergraduate alma mater made the NCAA Tournament. Some teachers, of course, are huge basketball fans and know the ins and outs of their team, while others blindly send their best wishes to their alma mater. Catch all the quotes from LFHS faculty and staff about their favorite NCAA tournament teams.

Tournament of TeachersMrs. Amy Zimmermann (University of Notre Dame): “Notre Dame men’s team AND women’s team have made a strong showing with BOTH teams in their respective tournaments–with the legacy of Father Hesburgh and the Irish tradition behind them, The Fighting Irish men and women will “win one for the Gipper.”

Mr. Stephen Dunn (University of Notre Dame): The Notre Dame men may not be the most talented team in the field, but they play with a lot of passion and emotion. If that’s not enough, they should be able to count on the luck of the Irish.”

Tournament of Teachers 2Mr. Tim Haskett (Northwestern University): “Consistency Is the Key To Success:  Let’s go Cats!”

Mrs. Kelly MacBlane (Northwestern University): The first NCAA basketball tournament was played at Patten Gym at Northwestern in 1939 and yet this is the first year NU has been in the tournament. Northwestern University will win the tournament because this is a time for records to be broken–look at the Cubs. The Cats will follow in the Cubs’ footsteps and win it all!”

Tournament of Teachers 4Ms. Melanie Walsh (University of Kentucky): “The last time the University of Kentucky won the National Championship was 2012, the same year LFHS field hockey coincidentally won state.  Since we won state again this year, Kentucky is a shoo-in for the title. You’re welcome, Wildcat Nation!”

Tournament of Teachers 5Mr. Robert Cummings (Marquette University): Unless Marquette can borrow fellow alumni Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler from the Bulls, it’s going to be a tough road for the Golden Eagles. Bracket Prediction: With good 3 point shooting, MU will beat South Carolina but lose to Duke in the 2nd round.”

Mrs. Hannon (Marquette University): In biblical times, the number 40 was used to indicate a period of testing or trials. Marquette has not won the NCAA tournament in 40 years (literally). It’s time for the drought to be over!! GO MU!”

Tournament of Teachers: LFHS Faculty Alums Cheer on their Alma MatersMrs. Mary Beth Nawor (Duke University): Duke will win with the power of the “sixth man” in the Cameron Crazies!  Although I wasn’t a face painter, it was a fun experience– even when Louisville beat Duke to win the NCAA championship my senior year.”