Scout Send Off: Mr. Keith Freedman


Lindsey Kozel, Editor

It all started when Mr. Keith Freedman was a kid, playing school with his younger sister. He enjoyed being both the role of a student and a teacher, which helped him realize what he wanted to be when he grew up. 

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher; my parents said the same thing,” Freedman said. 

He briefly thought about being a doctor but dealing with blood was not something he wanted to do, so teaching was the path for him.

Freedman previously worked at Ivy Hall Middle School in Buffalo Grove where he taught math and social studies. He taught there for eight  years before he was encouraged to make the switch and try out teaching high school.

“It turned out that the teacher I had when I was in high school for freshmen and sophomore year that my sister also had, Mr. Barton, he happened to be the assistant principal (at LFHS),” Freedman said. 

He decided he would try high school for one year. He’s been at LFHS ever since. 

“I’m really happy I made the decision to come here,” Freedman said. “I love it. The math department is great, the people are great, the students are wonderful, it’s a great community, it’s been a lot of fun.”

You could really tell he had a passion for teaching and always offered help in or outside of class.

— Marisol Roek

His love for teaching is clear for students to see with the way he teaches all his classes. 

“You could really tell he had a passion for teaching and always offered help in or outside of class,” former AATH student Marisol Roek said. “He tried to make it as fun as possible.“

Freedman has taught AATH, PSGA, Algebra 1 plus, Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry, PSG, and Advanced Algebra. 

When asked about his favorite class, Freedman said “it’s like asking me to pick a favorite child.”

Freedman has also loved sharing his place of work with his family. 

“I remember when my first child Kayla came here and she would dance around the senior star when she was four,” Freedman said. 

He also brought his kids to pep rallies, which were one of his favorite things during his time teaching at LFHS. 

After almost 23 years of teaching at LFHS, Freedman plans on “enjoying his time” in his retirement.

While he’s retiring, Freedman will be around. He said he plans to sub, work the scoreboard at basketball games, and continue other work with students. 

“He was a great teacher who brought energy to class daily,” Roek said.