“The Physics Phlame” Flames the Competition in Physics Boat Race


Photo courtesy of Sophie Huddlestun

“The Physics Phlame” posing with their winning boat.

Colin Martens, Staff Writer

Many students found themselves on the pool deck Monday as they raced their cardboard boats in the name of physics.

Students were given the task to build a cardboard boat with a small group that could hold one of the team members and withstand the waters after a race in the pool.

Physics students have been working on their boats for the past two months through meetings, extensive planning, and construction, all in hopes that their cardboard creations would survive Race Day. 

The boats went through two different races. The first was a timed lap around the perimeter of the pool. The second was a three-and-back drag race against the other competing boats for an extra credit opportunity.

Strong times were recorded for every physics periods, but one team edged out the competition by almost ten seconds. The first place team, “The Physics Phlame,” went all out with custom t-shirts and bucket hats. Their boat reflected the team name, featuring a fire decal that wrapped around its sides. The pilot, senior Kate Kaptrosky, secured the lightning fast time of 39.45 seconds– a far cry from the day’s average time of one minute and 30 seconds.

Senior Sophie Huddlestun, a member of “The Physics Phlame” team, appreciated the chance to apply everything she learned this year in an engaging and certainly entertaining way. “This project was a hands-on, collaborative but also competitive project that was a great way to showcase our physics knowledge!” Huddlestun said.