Defending Chris Rock

Ben Winebrenner, Staff Writer

Presenting at the Oscars is a lofty achievement for any comedian, and for the last 30 years, Chris Rock has remained at the forefront of comedy, giving him great reason to present the award for best documentary.

While Rock was presenting and cracking jokes at numerous participants in the audience, as any comedian does, he was assaulted by none other by Will Smith.

“Will Smith just smacked the S*** out of me!” was Rock’s following comment. Not only did Rock take the slap like a champ, but he continued with a comedian’s grace, continuing to make the audience laugh, amidst quite the awkward situation that took place seconds earlier.

As I’m sure you all know, Smith continued to yell at Rock, who once again, listened and responded like an adult.

Following this, which I’m sure you all know, Smith won the award for best actor in a leading role.

He then followed up this award with a speech where he tried to rationalize his actions, comparing himself to Richard Williams, the character he won the Oscar for playing. Smith talked about how Richard would do anything for family, which is what he has been trying to do recently.

Although this is a sweet sentiment, and many can reason with this, one must circle back to the task at hand. Rock said a lighthearted joke about his wife, that was not meant to do any harm, and Will responded with violence, in front of millions during one of the biggest award shows on earth.

My brother will tell you that this speech was sentimental, and that Will Smith was defending his wife from a joke that made fun of her alopecia; however, multiple sources have concurred to reveal that Rock in fact did not know of this disease, which throws that argument out of the window.

Smith’s actions at the Oscars were childish to say the least, and although my twin will attempt to tell you otherwise, it is hard to argue in favor of violence solving problems.

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