Need for Speed: Sophomore Izzy Marsico finishes 6th in State


Ashley Sobolewski, Staff Writer

A competitive runner her whole life, sophomore Isabella Marsico has managed to break records and achieve her toughest goals. The hard work paid off last month when she earned 6th in State for Cross Country.

Marsico discovered her passion through excessive running in soccer and grew her devotion by biking every morning behind her mom as she ran, which then inspired her to lose the bike and get on her feet. 

“My goal for track is to make it to the state meet for the mile. 800, some relays, and to PR in all of those events. To prepare to meet these goals, I need to have good training in the off-season, focus on speed work, and strength work,” Marsico said. “Having a good training plan is important as well. I am also focusing on preventing injuries and eating well.”

Marsico has numerous targets for success, aiming for perfection, and believing that she is capable. Although her long-term goals come with immoderate training, she never gives up. 

“My training is a variety of base runs, speed workouts, tempo runs, and long runs. I like to have one long run which is normally on a weekend then two-speed workouts. The rest of the days consist of base runs which could be two to six miles. After my run I like to do some strength work so either abs or arm strengthening,” said Marsico. 

She trains six out of seven days a week. She eats a snack about an hour before, stretches regularly, and throws on weather-friendly clothing. 

 As a long-term, successful athlete, she finds her inspiration through being a very committed runner. 

“I look up to Emma Coburn, she is an American middle-distance runner. She is a bronze medalist and has won a great number of world championships. I look up to her because she is so disciplined, motivated, and lives with a manageable strict diet and schedule. She is also very humble.”

Her motivation comes from her teammates as well. Marisco said, “Creating new friendships, and being surrounded by my current teammates has felt like a challenge to run faster and push myself to be the best.” 

As a young athlete, pressure can be overwhelming. With her high performance comes high expectations, which she is learning to handle.

“If there is pressure for a race, I just try not to think about the race, and try to distract myself by hanging out with friends or doing something I enjoy. I also tend to get distracted with homework. The day of the race I listen to music and try not to overthink the race,” Marisco says. 

Cross country and track have greatly influenced her life, she’s met so many great runners who have grown to be her best friends. She fell in love with the sport itself and is surely headed to carry her strength through the future. Through everyday inspiration from friends and family, Marsico continues to achieve goals and strive for new ones. 

“I’ve been running with Izzy since middle school, and it’s been incredible to see her grow and overcome a number of hardships. As a teammate, Izzy is the most determined, kind, and considerate athlete I know. She always keeps her head high as well as her optimistic thoughts on race day to set a positive mood for everybody else. I don’t think I have ever seen her shut down in a race, she is just such a team player and thinks of running for her teammates when she races. Besides that, she is easygoing, sweet, and approachable; She is a joy to talk to and I’m beyond proud to call her my teammate,” says Amelia Fontana.