Renting Your Things Just Became Simple

A look into Business Incubator’s “Simply Rent.”


Sydney Pitera, Staff Writer

Renting cars from Enterprise or houses from Airbnb is a common practice usually suited for convenience-seeking travelers.

However, Business Incubator team members Jensen Borowski, Patrick Lee, Sahil Conjeevaram, and Will Baughman have joined forces to create a service that extends the concept of renting beyond cars and houses.

If you’re looking to save a little money or make a little cash, keep an eye out for Simply Rent.

The team was first interested in creating a service that would benefit those around them. After discussions about cluttered houses, how often they buy items, and how they tend to use certain items just once or twice, they landed on creating a rental service for everyday items.

“We have created a rental service within the community that provides more access to activities, tools, and equipment at a lower price,” Lee said. 

The concept of renting locally offers a more personal and communal experience. 

As Conjeevaram said, “whether it’s a teenager who needs sports equipment or an elderly couple who wants to rent out their household items, Simply Rent helps the community help each other.”

The team hopes to develop an app to help streamline the process of connecting renters to rentees. Financial transactions will be made simpler, and users will be able to connect any time, any place. 

“[The app] will make the renting process easier and more accessible. We plan to have different features such as location tracking to find items in the surrounding area and profiles for those who are willing to rent,” Conjeevaram said. 

Currently, the team is dedicated to solving further issues with COVID and liability measures. They are challenged to find ways to match users up, determine terms and conditions for damaged items, and keep everyone safe in the midst of the pandemic.

For more information, you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram!