Seniors on the Election: A Quote Story


Rory Summerville and Jackson Lawrence

With the 2020 Presidential election taking place today and early voting being underway for the past few weeks now in Illinois, individuals are already heading to the polls to vote before tonight’s madness. This election is a crucial one, as women’s rights, immigration, healthcare, and the economy are all up for debate. 

Through a poll conducted on Instagram, 66% of students stated they would vote for President Trump, while 34% said they would vote for Vice President Biden. The majority of Biden supporters were women, and the majority of Trump supporters were men. Though, about half the respondents who indicated they would vote for Biden were male. 56% of respondents who indicated they would vote for Donald Trump were men, and 44% were women. 

While the opinions of the students are different, there is one common theme: a majority of seniors have voted early. Here are some LFHS student’s thoughts on this election.  


Biden Supporters:

“I voted early for Biden,” Kailey Albus said. “I am very big on social issues and improving the climate of the nation for all people rather than just a handful. As a young voter, I am most concerned with electing the candidate that will offer me the best opportunity to build a harmonious future. To accomplish this, we need a leader with concrete, measurable plans to improve the condition of the environment, establish a foundation of equality across all genders, sexualities, and races, and most importantly, tackle the COVID-19 pandemic with transparency.”

“I have already voted for Biden by mail,” Tori Rytell said. “I think healthcare, LGBT rights, and women’s rights are all important, but to me, the most important thing is the environment. I agree with Biden on a lot of topics; I want to vote with kindness and I think he will help those that need it most.”

“I voted early because I think Biden is the right choice for our country in its current state,” Ian Jackson said. “We need to move in the direction of unity and reform and Biden will make that possible. I am also a big advocate for the environment and at this point, it is something that can only be solved at a larger scale such as our government. Additionally, how Trump handled COVID is terrible especially if you look at other major countries in the world and how they are doing now. Although it’s good that we try and fix many social and economic issues, Trump is not fixing them in a way that promotes growth and positive change.”

Trump Supporters:

“I am voting on Election day for Donald Trump because he truly cares about the American people and what he has done to the economy is fantastic,” Jackson Pearre said. 

“I have already voted early for Donald Trump. Although I don’t believe that he is the best person, I voted for policy over personality,” Abby Wise said. I believe that Trump’s policies for regulating and cutting taxes for the middle class, and the creation of more jobs is very important. I also agree with his border control and national security. I think that it is helpful to have a businessman running our country because he comes from the experience of being in the workforce, rather than being on a political agenda like most politicians. Trump is also trying to cater to the working class, which I think is most important to me.”

“Trump had made a promise to address several issues during his time as President. So far, he has built the wall at the southern border, nominated and confirmed three SCOTUS justices who will rule on issues conservatively, and is in the midst of a court battle to give state governments the option of outlawing abortion by way of repealing Roe V. Wade, and finally, keeping federal gun laws loose and making it easier for Americans to defend themselves. He has delivered on his promises in my opinion. I am voting for Donald Trump on Election day,” Pierce Grieve said. 


For underclassmen who are unable to vote, be sure to take part in LFHS’ mock election. Coverage of the election with real-time results will be aired on all major cable news outlets such as NBC, CNN, and Fox News so make sure you tune in. 

Whether you plan to vote for President Trump or Vice President Biden this election, if you are 18 this election, go to the polls today and make your voice heard!