Update: Biden Wins Mock Election 2020

Durbin is student Senate choice

Grant Huebner, Staff Writer

The votes are in!

While the presidential election hangs in the balance, the results of the LFHS Mock Election 2020 are clear

Total voter turnout was at roughly 22%, with a total of 353 votes being cast out of a student body of 1,600. 

The exact votes and percentages will be recorded below for each candidate on the ballot, in order of the greatest to the least number of votes. Pie graphs are also posted for visual representation; the colors are not representative of the candidates’ parties. 

President and Vice President of the United States

Candidates Votes, Percentages 
Joseph R. Biden & Kamala D. Harris, Democratic 199, 56.4%
Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence, Republican 132, 37.4%
Jo Jorgensen & Jeremy ‘Spike’ Cohen, Libertarian 19, 5.4%
Gloria La Riva & Leonard Peltier, Party for Socialism and Liberation 2, 0.6%
Brian Carroll & Amar Patel, American Solidarity Party 1, 0.3%
Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker, Green Party 0, 0.0%

U.S. Senator

Candidates Votes, Percentages
Richard J. Durbin, Democratic 195, 55.2%
Mark C. Curran, Republican 129, 36.5%
Danny Malouf, Libertarian 18, 5.1%
Willie L. Wilson, Willie Wilson Party 9, 2.5%
David F. Black, Green 2, 0.6%

Representative in Congress Tenth Congressional District

Candidates Votes, Percentages
Brad Schneider, Democratic 214, 60.6%
Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee, Republican 139, 39.4%

Representative in the General Assembly Fifty-Eighth Representative District

Candidates Votes, Percentages
Bob Morgan, Democratic 353, 100%