30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4, “The Universe”

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4

Drew Foley

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone reading this has at some point on a clear night looked up at the stars in awe and curiosity. How could you not? To look up and see hundreds of various stars, some brighter than others–planets, shooting stars, comets, and endless other things is nothing more than a gift.

To be able to observe the vast space and wonder of what’s out there, filling your head with thousands of possibilities of what could lay beyond the boundaries of our solar system is awesome. Still, it isn’t just the ability of being able to see the beauty that confines in the universe that we should be thankful for, it’s feelings that are bred from its vastness. Feelings of curiosity, hope, and possibility. Have you ever had to study for hours the night before a massive test and think to yourself if you fail it’s the end of the world? I sure have.

I clearly remember the night before one of my biggest finals freshmen year. I had never taken a final before at this time in my life and I had been studying for hours and yet I hadn’t absorbed any information. I decided to take a break and sit outside, despite the freezing cold, to just organize my thoughts. It was a clear night, so I looked up. Hundreds of stars filled the sky, dually filling my head with endless thoughts about how large the universe is. At this moment, it clicked in my head.

No matter how important or big something may seem, it’s nothing compared to the universe. No test, final exam, 100 point paper, speech, or anything can size up the universe. The universe is full of possibility and it just so happens that it is endless and forever expanding. Literally as I write this the universe is propelling itself in every direction at speeds faster than light. So technically, the possibilities are endless as well.
If you are ever stressing about something that seems life-ending such as a final exam, just stop and remember that the universe is full of possibility and you are capable of all of those possibilities. So thank you universe for giving us endless hope, possibility, curiosity, and beauty.