How to best prepare for your first finals week


Olivia Witte, Staff Writer

Students can agree, finals week and the work that goes into preparing for the exams can be extremely stressful. 

But for freshmen who have never endured the strenuous experience of finals, this time of the year can be extra intimidating. 

Below are five tips to help the freshman class feel at ease heading into their first final exams.

Start studying early.

A common mistake many students make is beginning to prepare for finals too late. This only adds unnecessary stress to the already overwhelming studying. To avoid this, start early enough so you aren’t cramming right before the final. Limiting stress and preparing earlier will also increase the chances of higher test scores!

Study with others.

Working with classmates is a great way to keep you motivated and it makes studying more enjoyable. On top of that, you can compare notes and work out problems with your peers which will better prepare you and allow you to get questions you may have answered.

Create a study schedule and prioritize study time.

Decide which finals you need to study for the most based on what percentage each final is worth, the grades you have in every class, and what finals will take the most preparation. After evaluating all of your exams and considering these factors, create a schedule so you can manage your time accordingly. 

Know what study aids work best for you.

After almost an entire semester in school, you should have preferable study habits. If you like to prepare for tests with flashcards, then use them to memorize equations or vocab. If tricks help you remember phrases or lists, create acronyms for concepts as you go. Know what study aids help you the most and utilize them when preparing for your finals.

Keep your mind fresh.

When gearing up for finals week, make sleep and breaks a priority. Some pull all-nighters to cram at the last minute. This adds stress and increases your chances of forgetting what you’ve studied by the time the exam starts. Also, make sure to take breaks while studying. Taking five is important as you can’t learn all the material at once. A break will give you the chance to relax and when you return you will be recharged and ready to concentrate.

Now with these tips in mind, remember, finals may be scary, but they aren’t the end of the world. They’ll be over before you know it, and then you’ll have 17 days to relax with zero stress stemming from school.

Study hard, and good luck on your first finals, freshman!