Backstage at Rumors

Annabelle Lamb, Staff Writer

A lot of hard work went into the production of Rumors, performed earlier this month.

In the show friends of the deputy mayor are gathered at his house, but his wife is nowhere to be found and the mayor has a bullet hole in his earlobe. Ken, his lawyer (played by senior Kevin Staunton) and his wife Chris (played by junior Kailey Albus) must figure out what is going on and cover up the story before the rest of the guests arrive and, eventually, the police.

The pictures below were taken during the long before the performance as a representation of what it really takes to put on a student production.

Senior Abby Wickman decides how to do her hair for the performances. She and junior Cole Joseph played the hilariously witty police officers who made their appearance in the second act.

Junior Kailey Albus gets her hair done in a typical 1980s hairstyle for the show. Rumors is set in the mid 1980s and features actors playing socialites during that time period.

Dawn Neal, the costume designer for Rumors, does the hair for Albus and senior Katie Finnegan. Mrs. Neal also helped create the props used in the show.

Senior Andrew Javier and junior Kelly Sheridanput the paneling on the stairs of the set.

Celeste Tomaselli, a junior, paints a door on the second floor of the set. The set features a working second floor for actors to perform on.

Sheridan and senior Marie Atendidowatch another student, who is high up on a ladder while putting walls on the 14-foot tall set.

Sophomore Elizabeth Miczuga, freshman Nic Abbagnaro, and freshman Vince Boberski paint a wall.

Senior Teddy Hill poses with one of his many props used in the show. Rumors was Hill’s first play at the high school.