To Dress Up or Not to Dress Up, that is the Question


Ava Manelis, Editor-in-Chief

It’s Halloween. Your doorbell is ringing off the hook with all of the neighborhood kids trying to snag some delicious candy, your mom is anxiously throwing candy into their bags or pillowcases, and of course, the pungent smell of sweet candy is filling the air.

The kids at your door are dressed in a variety of different costumes, but when it comes to us high schoolers, do we dress up for Halloween? Or are we too old?

Obviously, our Halloweens as high schoolers aren’t the same as when we were little. Most of us don’t go to the store with our parents and excitedly pick out a costume, and then get ready all day only to go out for a couple of hours and trick-or-treat. 

Most of us probably do other things on Halloween like hang out with our friends, go to a movie, or just sit around and eat our family’s leftover candy. The things we do on Halloween as high schoolers are different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up when we do them. 

In order to get a general idea of our school’s opinions on if costumes are a go or a no-go, I interviewed a lot of different people with a lot of different opinions.


Senior Lexie Conley believes it’s both fun and normal to wear costumes still as high schoolers, and she wasn’t alone in her opinion.

“I think we should absolutely wear our Halloween costumes to school. For me, spirit days are something to look forward to and spice up the normal routine a little bit,” she said. “Halloween could be so fun if people dressed up, and I love it when people get creative with costumes because it can be so funny for everyone.”

“I love wearing costumes because it just makes me feel more in the Halloween spirit,” said senior Lilly Neil.  

Many students were even passionate about the idea of wearing Halloween costumes as high schoolers, including senior Caroline Murphy. 

“Why not! Halloween is so fun. We are honestly never too old,” she said.

It’s definitely true—we can wear costumes to school and out with our friends on the fun night of Halloween. But, some people feel as if they have grown out of the magic of wearing a Halloween costume. 

“I don’t wear costumes anymore because I don’t want to stick out too much because it doesn’t seem to be adopted by the majority of the school,” said junior Casey Hippel. “I’d only do it if a bunch of my friends did it, and this year I think I will because a handful of friends I know are doing it so I feel confident enough about it.”

That seemed to sum up the majority of people who said they wouldn’t be wearing a costume this Halloween. 


So, the idea of wearing a costume this Halloween might be one that you disagree with right away as you might think you’re ‘too old,’ but try not to put it past you too quickly. 

Whether you’re trick-or-treating or not, wearing a costume is something anyone can do if they feel like they want to. It’s a way to bring back our childhood selves and memories even when we’re grown up high schoolers!