Scout Shout Out

New school-wide initiative honors Scouts who go above and beyond

Scout Shout Out


Good deeds, kind behavior, and important accomplishments deserve to be recognized. The Scout Shout-Out is an opportunity for Scouts of all types to honor each other when we demonstrate the values that are most important to us. If you would like to recognize a fellow Scout for kindness, hard work, personal accomplishments or any other contribution to our community, please visit here.

Who: Rachel LeRose

Where: 8th Grade transition meeting

Why: Rachel gave a long talk about our school and her experience here. She showed all the parents who attended what a kind and compassionate community we have here.

Message: Thank you, Rachel. You are going to make a fantastic teacher!

Shout-out from: Ms. Sterpin

Who: Isabella Lewin

Where: 8th Grade transition meeting

Why: Isabella made time in her busy schedule to give an excellent speech about our peer tutoring program. She was eloquent and passionate, and everyone there understood the importance of our program and her dedication to it.

Message: Thanks Isabella, you did an outstanding job.

Shout-out from: Ms. Sterpin

Who: A.J. Moore

Where: 8th Grade transition meeting

Why: Listening to A.J. talk about our programs was amazing. No one listening could doubt how important the school is to him and how connected we all are to each other.

Special Message: Thank you A.J.! Your speech really made the 8th-grade transition meeting a special event.

Shout-out from: Ms. Sterpin

Who: Sara Dreiling
Where: In her classroom

Why: Ms. Dreiling goes above and beyond to help students feel comfortable by recognizing what’s really important. The growth students find in her class throughout the year is incredible.

Message: Thank you for always giving the best for your students.

Shout-out from: Anonymous

Who: Mrs. Laura Clegg

Where: Extracurriculars

Why: A shout out to Mrs. Laura Clegg and all of her colleagues who helped plan all things related to Homecoming 2019! There was a lot of positive energy and school spirit.

Message: Thank you for all your hard work, Mrs. Clegg.

Shout-out from: Anonymous

Who: Jose Ibarrondo

Where: In the classroom

Why: Jose was a class leader during our project day in the Stagecraft course. Because he is skilled with some of the equipment, I asked him to work with some of the less experienced students and Jose patiently taught his peers how to use the saw safely and correctly. The class would not have run smoothly without his leadership!

Message: Thank you so much for your help in class on Wednesday. I was so impressed and proud of the patient and careful way you worked with your classmates as you taught them to use the saw. Class would not have worked as well without you there to be a leader!

Shout-out from: Mrs. MacBlane

Who: Alma Mackic

Where: In the classroom

Why: Alma has shown amazing kindness and flexibility as a peer tutor. She has in every way shown herself to be the best kind of teacher–passionate, encouraging, friendly, and meticulous.

Message: Thanks, Alma. You have been, and continue to be, an outstanding tutor.

Shout-out from: Mr. Hain

Who: Lexie Conley and Grace Hardy

Where: Athletics

Why: The game ended and the student section cleared out. Lexie and Grace noticed all the trash (empty bottles, wrappers, etc.) left on the bleachers. They took it upon themselves to start to clean up all the garbage left behind by their peers.

Special Message: Mrs. Tomek and Mr. Lesniak would like to say THANK YOU… for being great role models and caring individuals. SCOUT PRIDE!!!

Shout-out from: Mr. Lesniak and Mrs. Tomek